mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

boys boys boys

last night i opened the front door to take out some recycling and found a stroppy young lad in formal wear with his whole face and body pressed up against the door frame. he proceeded to try to squeeze between my legs and feet and through the doorway. i had to push him out of the way in order to step outside and shut the door. he then rushed past me and stuffed his face again into the door crack.


i don't know who has been talking the smack about my pure and virginal Lady Cats but they are not hoochie mommas, hormonal hussies on the make (even though they may have been hooting and trilling out the open windows for the last few spring weeks). they are "fixed" ladies!

i had to sit down on the stoop and drag him away from my door as he just ignored all my other attempts to distract him. he did have a collar on- with peace symbols(ugh...) and an ID tag on it. apparently "Rocky" is an outdoor cat with all his shots who lives down the street. there have always been a handful of outdoor cats here- most of whom i know- and i have never had one come up to my front door and try to force his way in. the power of pussy.

gentlemen callers- named rocky. how déclassé. where have i gone wrong?


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