mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


ok more like- wake up to all your computer's fans roaring like jet engines when the fucking paper weight is i realize you're old and outdated by about 6 years but some warning, please, that you are going to pitch a hissy on tax day when all my information and forms were tucked away in your dozing brains.haven't i been good to you?

ungrateful bitch-whore.

i consider myself lucky i suppose because i have never had a crash anywhere close to this fucking magnificent, this awe inspiring or quite so rage inducing. i've actually never had this particular computer crash. not once. in 6 years.i've never had a hard drive die although i am fairly certain it's a logic board/cpu thing and not the brand new hard drive. the RAM is fine, the PRAM battery is fine. the power supply is fine. it will not boot, no beeps. no coded flashes.just fans- lots of madly spinning fans .it's rather disappointing they did away with the sad mac or the bomb icon that at least was some pathetic attempt at humor when your life is about to go down in whiring, flaming 0s and 1s.

this is coming to elghey via a fucking blue and white G3 that belonged to some cavemen- but running osX, slowly, but at least it is working. primitive emotions and needs require primitive technologies. i needs my internets. i have to has my applicashuns. i just, mother fucker, loaded a massive amount of music to be edited into you- how dare you mess with my delicate artistic sensibilities. if you wanted something you could ask next time instead of getting all passive- aggressive with me then losing your mind in a fit of pique when no one was even looking. and freaking the cats out with your wind tunnel in hell imitation.

i am still surprised that i didn't drop kick you out the window or toss you in a litterbox- such restraint. but you were so so good for so long-os x was unbelievably stable after 10.3 after the quasi-disaster of 9 which played well with no one. good-bye power pc. hello intel.

sorry babe but i have to move on- you understand- i mean you're not even conscious at this point, you won't feel a thing when i gut you like a large tuna fish.

and for the record the hockey puck mouse,the only one i could find that would work with this system, apple my dear, is the worst fucking mouse ever in the whole universe.

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