mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

rutherford b. hayes

i know you don't dream about rutherford b. hayes. but i do. i am the only person on earth i wager who is dreaming about rutherford b. hayes.

it's not that he's not timely- the 19th president of the united states, a reconstruction era president, he strove to return the currency to the gold standard , thinking that printing money willy nilly would only lead to disaster and inflation,and fought to end the corruption and spoils system in the country that plagued civil service( in today's terms he would have fought against public sector unions- a spoils system if ever there was one.). but i did not know the particulars of his term in office before i looked it up after my dream. why would i? who dreams about rutherford b. hayes except maybe someone writing a civil war or reconstruction history.


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