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track a serial killer- now you can play at home

it's a tad wonky. once you pick a location you have to fuss around with the fields .hint, hint: serial killer preferred methods of killing do not often include poisoning people, blowing them up, or shoving them out windows. for fun check all the fields and see how many still unsolved homicides happened in your city from 1980-2008.

for the record, the greater boston area has 1,434 unsolved homicides on the books being 1234 males (males are by far the majority of perpetrators, other males are the majority of their victims. males commit the majority of all violent crimes. serial killers ,however, are overwhelmingly male but the majority of their victims are female.), 197 females, and 3 unknown. 860 are listed as black, 519 white, 38 asian or pacific islander and 17 unknown.

that's a lot of people whose deaths were criminal acts for which there are no answers and no one who can be called to account. and if any of these deaths were caused by multiple murderers, they represent lost chances to stop more killings, more grief, more loss.

when i used the same criteria but searched for only females with killing methods most likely to be used by a serial killer, i got 188 female victims of unsolved homicides in the metropolitan area. for the record, we have had a suck ass medical examiner / forensics situation here for a long time and problematic collection of forensics at crime scenes- i would bet because MA is the birthplace of hacktopia state jobs- a public union wonderland. not long ago a whole raft of convictions in the state were up for review because of questionable testimony and practices from the crime labs and their employees. "forensic mishaps, fraudulent testimony and crime lab incompetence", and corrupted, poorly managed databases apparently abounded leading to a supreme court case, dismissals, resignations and lots of a sound similar to a broom shoving an unsightly, tangled mess under a carpet.

this misfeasance has plagued the state under the tenure of continually re-elected hack supreme and chief law enforcement officer , attorney general martha' i lost teddy kennedy's seat' coakley .( will you dopes in this state stop re-electing this witch. she sucks- she doesn't do her job. enough of it. she's persecuted innocent people into their graves with a personalized vengeance that's positively immoral if not criminal. she almost let a baby rapist union hack go free as well.) . we need a well trained lab, fully staffed to process DNA and forensic materials not more no show 3 figure jobs for de-evolve patrick's chums and newer drapery and foo-foorah to satisfy his office's redecoration fetish.

we need professional law enforcement people who are well trained and can use the technology available to stop predators and keep citizens safe not more 100,000 dollar a year- tax dollars that is- parking lot attendants at Logan and definitely no more public monuments dedicated to people named kennedy.

[Crime lab didn’t test 16,000 cases 4,000 rape evidence kits not screened for DNA-

"The Massachusetts State Police lab, which wrestled with a backlog in DNA analyses that reached 1,000 cases in 2005, has come under fire since the agency said Pino failed to forward DNA matches in 11 sexual assault cases dating to the 1980s to police departments before the 15-year statute of limitations on rape cases had run out.

In addition, Pino prepared reports saying DNA results in four cases matched the genetic material from old rape kits when they had not. No one was arrested in those cases, State Police said, because someone discovered the mistakes."]

what is most surprising about the Find a Killer database is that it wasn't created by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency. using data requested from the FBI and other law enforcement peeps, the Scripps Howard News Service and a reporter created the largest known database of unsolved homicides in america with an eye toward to spotting clusters of murders that may have been the work of serial predators. why the FBI didn't do this of their own volition is disturbing. i mean, boys, what the fuck are you doing? locals always deny they have a serial killer in their jurisdictions out of hand so that in itself is not surprising. when the bodies pile up and pressure, usually from the press or victim's families, forces them to pull their heads out of their orifices then they turn to the FBI to analyse the situation . why wouldn't the FBI, who are queried from all over the world for help with unsolved serial murders because they are supposedly the experts in the field, have thought of an unsolved homicides data base a long time ago? the technology has been there for some time. no computers at the FBI now? carpel tunnel epidemic? DNA analysis technology advances are bringing a great number of cold cases finally into court and giving names to long unidentified victims. wouldn't a database of the unsolved be an important tool in solving some fucking cases?

after the Scripps Howard News Service released it's fairly comprehensive database of unsolved killings the FBI did manage to pony up, in 2009, a database of unsolved murders along america's highways. it lists some 500 murderers spanning 30 years. their main thought is that it involves long haul truckers . it has been painfully obvious for decades that there are numerous homicide clusters spread through out our highway system. the I-70 killer, the I-65 Killer, the Highway Killers- maybe that tipped them off... finally.

the new bedford" highway killer "serial murders of the late 80s are still unsolved. human beings remain unaccounted for and presumed dead, murdered.

albert de salvo was not the boston strangler. there was probably more than one actual boston strangler because the killings involved two different and distinct victim types. DNA taken from an alleged victim of the ' boston strangler' did not come from albert de salvo.

who is the “Main South Woodsman” ?

who was the Conn. River Valley Killer?

who murdered Molly Bish and who killed Holly Kristen Piirainen ?

Massachusetts's so far most murderous caught serial killer in 2010 confessed to a slew of femicides and you probably do not even know his name even though he killed more women than the ' boston strangler'. and he's black even though pop criminologists and even the FBI are known to to opine that there are ' no black serial killers". given that black people make up about 10.5% of the population , that 20-23% of known serial killers since WW2 have been black has black males committing a high amount of serial offenses in relation to their representation in the population. one notorious and particularly vicious killer was let lose by authorities when he came under suspicion merely because he was black and the FBI profile indicated that the killer they were searching had to be, by this thinking, white (Derrick Todd Lee). it allowed him to slaughter more women.

Alfred Gaynor is serving four life prison terms for sundry first degree murder/rapes. he has been hawking bags of his hair( $35) and art work( vampire drawing for 139.99. 'jesus praying in the desert' sold for an undisclosed amount.). there is no law in MA preventing inmates from profiting from 'murder-abilia' or any product pertaining to their crimes. Gaynor has been convicted of and confessed to 10 particularly heinous murders including that of a toddler (who starved to death left alone with a butchered mother) and he is making bank from it.

someone out there bought his fucking hair? what the fuck is wrong with you? you should be clamoring for the return of the death penalty not locks of hair from a particularly savage destroyer of women. many of his victims were found dead, bound, with objects jammed in their mouths, by their own children and you want it's hair?

i have fucking had it with humans. you attach value to the worthless, doodles by monsters, because society sets no worth, sees no value and importance on the lives the monster took. his violent selfish act is what generates the cash flow and an over weaning pornographic interest because of it's very brutality, because it is serial murder. he , the murderer, is the worthwhile human and his victims are not considered save as dead fetish objets- their deaths being the very soul of his worth. alive they are nothing that's why it is so easy to kill them and get away with it for so long. the only worth these women have is that their deaths enlarge and mythologize the killer so that even gross cast off hair from his body is valued.

how could one possibly calculate the worth to a child of the mother he or she finds lifeless and violated in their own home? how dear is the price they will pay their entire lives? while some can't stop thinking of and using their crimes and others can't stop peeping at the crimes of others fervidly, there are still others who will bare the real burden of never being able to forget and of having their loved one severed from their lives in one of the most evil and depraved manners imaginable. we do a disservice to that child when we allow those tasked with solving crime and putting killers away to be incompetent fucking stains with no accountability or allow the competent to be crushed under the weight of a bloated chaotic system populated with political hacks it is generally impossible to fire. what does it say to that child that some would fawn over the person who murdered their mother while not even caring what her name was or whom she left behind ?

we identify with the monstrous when inside we have become monsters ourselves, shedding our humanity by glorifying and identifying with evil disguised as power over others.

welcome back ,Dark Ages.

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