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Marianne with the Shaky Hand

do children make paper boats (and hats) anymore? even when i was growing up it was going out of style- the home grown sort of toys and amusements of the pre-absolute consumer age we dove so completely into by the 70s. my mother and father were born during WW2, my grandparents were Depression babies. i went to the library every week with my mother and read ALOT and did massive amounts of artsy craftsy things. sure i wanted the complete Sizzlers and Hot Wheels collections with tracks that took up a whole room but i got toy soldiers, art supplies and books instead, the occasional Tonka truck.

and i obsessively took things apart and put them back together. still i want to take things apart and put them back together in order to better understand them.

a friend several years ago made a thousand paper cranes when her japanese lover's mother died although traditionally this is associated with wedding gifts , world peace, and cancer patients.

march 5th began the festival of the Ship of Isis, Isidis Navigium, so she would bless the ships and sailors. Star of the Sea , stella maris. Mother of the Seasons. Mistress of the Universe. begun in egypt it managed to remain a celebration in both greece and rome. Isis stubbornly inserted herself into christianity and the Isidis Navigum was celebrated in france of the gothic period. an image of Isidis Navigium is carved into Notre Dame de
Paris although i found it impossible to find a photo of it- it is located on the front porch near the zodiac.

france has been historically the most obsessed with Isis country in all of christiandom. there are more Black Madonnas, really just variations of Isis, in France than anywhere else on earth. oh, they turn it into some twisted jesus smack about the three marys (Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer), including mary magdalen, and sara' the egyptian' coming to france or the effects of age on wood sculptures but it's nothing but poorly disguised goddess worship- and the Church capital c knew it then and knows it now. mary is the only reason any pagan would have anything to do with christianity- without Her it's just Mithra worship sans the bull only with Jews. how far do you get in life not having a mother? why, you cannot even be born.

"I am black but comely, O daughters of Jerusalem." Song of Songs 1:5

they are often stolen away from catholic churches because quite frankly they do not belong there. but they stay even in spirit often so as not to abandon those who seek Her out consciously or unconsciously . because you need her.

during the french revolution , notre dame de paris was rededicated to Lady Liberty and the Goddess of Reason. liberty is always female. reason is always a goddess not a god. in france she has a name- Mariannne. famous women are elected to represent Marianne- brigitte bardoux, catherine deneuve and my favorite, ex- muse of kunty karl lagerfeld, inès de la fressange-( who is over 50, still sometimes walks the runway and hasn't filled her face with plastic and blobs of chemicals like american celebrities and still looks amazing.)

she is of course Britannia in the UK and you may not know besides the french made Statue of Liberty (Libertas) is also known in america as Columbia. because it is Liberty, baby, that enlightens the world not spiritual slavery and superstition.

around christmas through this time of year- always for candlemas- you are suppose to have these cookies called navettes( french meaning: originally little ship, weaver's shuttle. now it means commute as in shuttle service). these are said to be the boat of isis. or the boats that carried the three marias to france. but then some insist they are the shuttles used by fishermen to mend their nets. they are always associated with Mary though and the Sea and her protection of boats and sailors. i say:

VAGINA! or if we're going to be all reserved and scholarly and dignified:Vesica Pisces, also found on notre dame de paris EVERYWHERE. why you walk through one just to get inside.

so make navettes, make some paper boats and head to the river.


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