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hardcore rules. don't be stupid

Girl in lies

Twiggy Pop | Myspace Music Videos

amazing. Twiggy Pop/Girl in Lies. they are from the Ukraine and Odessa. apparently the singer, Masha Navrotskaya, died a year ago due to ' illness', but i cannot read russian and am finding it hard to get any information about her at all much less details. ( http://www.pomij.com/?p=357 )


and then i dug up this swinging little ditty from my youth- the delicate hardcore punk flowers known as Nazi Bitch and the Jews, usually shortened to NBJ- " Dead Porkers". we certainly knew how to charm the fuck out of society's pasty fat white complacent fascist face. this is what happens when hippies refuse to grow the fuck up and leave youth culture to , er, youths. and everyone wonders why i hate hippies- they made us into snarling curs because they refused to stop force feeding everyone their self absorbed unwashed bullshit anti-corporate- cum- corporate 60's culture. we had to destroy their peace and love propaganda so the generation after us would free up enough chillens from following the grateful dead around to create the 2nd wave of punk. the lack of PC brainwashing is refreshing-NBJ just want to offend , confront everyone, shake you out of your mind numbing conformity and refusal to Question. after all, you don't think hippies/liberals really care about blacks and women or jews, for that matter, do you? PC is just social engineering propaganda made to make you conform or be shut up. it is censorship by social fiat, a dismantling of the first amendment covertly in the guise of 'enforcing' egalitarianism on individuals. if you are not free to hate whomever you want or whatever you do not agree with you are likewise not free to love or believe anything you wish. individuals have the right to absolute freedom of conscience. it's only government that does not have freedom of conscience- government cannot think and do whatever it wishes. it is government and justice that must conform to such restrictions- government must be egalitarian, must not be prejudiced. individuals and their prejudices are not the government's business.

NBJ was one of jello biafra's favorites. the lead singer, Annelle Zingarelli, died of a heroine overdose in 1983 before their one recording session could be gotten out of hock to the studio and released.

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(Deleted comment)
no you have not.

i saw them in the early 90s at the paradise in allston. it was memorable because john 'Cheez-wiz' from Sleep Chamber was there and my friend and i had a run in with him over what a small dick cretin he was- feeding off the blood and life force of young women and making crappy music and piss poor porn to boot.

i recall MLTKK had a bar on stage and they were mixing cocktails all night.

good times!

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