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“Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?”
“Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?”-last words of Inez Milholland addressed to then president and liberal hero woodrow "insane in the membrane" wilson.

"If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation."
-- Abigail Adams

always at the forefront of fighting for the rights of other people(people being actual real humans that count: males), american women broke away from the abolitionist movement, a liberal movement which largely did not want females speaking at their events nor officially recognized in their organizations, and began agitating for women's suffrage. well bred rich women, educated women, working women even freed female slaves. imagine freeing a people from slavery and only giving half of them rights. it underlines the notion that females naturally are slaves to men. the Bible is the main reason in modern western society for the degradation and subjugation of women.

"The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation."
-- Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
"I know of no other book that so fully teaches the subjection and degradation of women."
-- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

on March 3, 1913 the Congressional Union, later the Women's Party, held a ' suffrage parade' converging on Washington DC from around the country. it is the day before wilson's first inauguration.

"... lawyer Inez Milholland Boissevain, clad in a white cape and riding a white horse, led the great women's suffrage parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capital. Behind her stretched a long procession, including nine bands, four mounted brigades, three heralds, more than 20 floats and more than 5,000 marchers." - Sheridan Harvey, MOB HURTS 300 SUFFRAGISTS AT CAPITAL PARADE, New York Evening Journal, March 4, 1913.

they are jeered at, roughed up, grabbed, heaped with verbal abuse- in other words abused by thugs as only modern liberals and union members are known to act toward those who disagree with them politically. if hitler had existed i am sure they'd have been called female Nazis. certainly they'd be called ' racists'. men block their way as they attempt to make it to the Treasury Building, even going so far as to block the ambulances trying to get to those who had been hurt. the police do nothing to stop the angry mob because women ought ' to be home where they belong'. the majority view the women as objects of mirth not as serious political protesters. over 100 women are injured. the secretary of war calls out a calvary troop to restore order.

the marchers who make it to the Treasury present a tableaux of "those ideals toward which both men and women have been struggling through the ages and toward which, in co-operation and equality, they will continue to strive... Justice, Charity, Liberty, Peace and Hope."

an Edison Kinetophone( being moving pictures with a synchronized sound cylinder of some of the women's speeches from the day) "The Suffragette" ,made after the event and shown publicly, is met with hysterical male jeers and derision.

the first national american political party to adopt woman's suffrage as an official plank is Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose/Republican party. in 1917 women win the right to vote in new york state. in 1919 the 19th amendment ("The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.") , drafted in 1878 by susan b. anthony and elizabeth cady stanton, passes both houses of Congress. in 1920 it is ratified by enough states and becomes law by a narrow margin.

today woman do not have the right to vote in:
Saudi Arabia
Vatican City
Brunei( men cannot vote either. it's an absolute monarchy.)
limited suffrage:
United Arab Emirates( most men cannot vote either.)
in Lebanon women have to prove they have an elementary school education in order to vote.
in Bhutan there is only one vote per house which culturally deprives most women of the vote.

"When women understand that governments and religions are human inventions; that bibles, prayer-books, catechisms, and encyclical letters are all emanations from the brain of man, they will no longer be oppressed by the injunctions that come to them with the divine authority of 'thus saith the Lord'."
-- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"I learned how valuable our Constitution is and how valuable the separation of church and state is.
"-- Cynthia Dwyer, statement, February, 1981, on being held hostage in Iran for 444 days( 1979-1981)

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(Deleted comment)
as long as civilization remains enslaved to the falsehood that it was created by a bigoted, hateful spiteful male god it is always going to be various shades of suck.this is because instead of valuing all life, humans decided that if they made god male then males on earth too could be gods. the bible is blasphemy- it makes human males god and condemns all the rest to the dirt and slavery, spiritual and otherwise.

i have never thought mortal women were gods or better than males just because they are female and represent a female god. that is not the case with judaism, islam or christianity with their adam's rib and female servitude, infallible male popes, all male priesthoods, denigration of human reproduction and female sexuality(denigration of all human sexuality really- making love dirty and shameful for everyone when it creates life, creates the world and brings peace)-it's a death cult that makes the world shit because it says the world is shit.

and this even though we now know the base of our DNA is female, that in the womb we are all female to begin with technically. that would indicate we were made in the image of the female, that a female deity brought us into being from herself. even viewed scientifically with no gods, mysticism involved it means at base we are a female race. all this hatred toward women and gays or any one outside the normative gender stereotypes created by cultures is just envy- vagina envy.they seem to know they are NOT god- and their hate springs from this thought.

(Deleted comment)
frat boy by definition is all the grossest parts of male privilege rolled into one. gay males aren't excused from this bullshit- like those real butch ones who act like they're Marines and are assholes to anyone who isn't all acting like some horny gang raping gay version of a straight jock. lesbians get all fucked up too- they follow all the same one person has to dominate and control the other dynamic they get from heterosexuals- from mommy and daddy and high school- it's fucking Heathers.

the women who act liked valiumed-out stepford wives and raise their daughters to be weak and their boys to be oppressive jerk offs are just as much part of the problem. all of them are acting out of western judeochristian cultural ' norms' enforced by law and society- and they're crippled by it because they do not get to know themselves. they know roles- they act out roles. this is why the religious right is always screaming about judeochristian values- which the founders of america rejected- because they know that if those values are undermine it will destroy their tyranny over the individual and their war against women and gays and children all of whom are always on the ' woman side' in it- they are identified with the female and that';s why they're castigated and marginalized. straight male are god and straight females theor consorts- the rest are all to be ruled over , controlled,made to conform or destroyed physically or spiritually. that is christianity- a fellowship of slaves to male power.

i should have been more specific- it is straight male dominated religion and culture- and everyone acts out all sorts of fucked up roles from that culture they have grown up in.our culture, or ingrained anti-life, anti-individual death cult mentality just about ensures a major portion of the population particularly the male part (who are more violent statistically because they are RAISED to be more violent) is sociopathic. christianity does not encourage love of fellow man- it encourages self hatred, shame and the punishing of others, that is the recipe for sociopaths and serial killers. that their aren't more of them is the wonder- in fact sociopathic stranger murder is on the rise while other types of violence have declined. quite telling. and you are right- it is insane. it's killing us. look at islam- that was christianity a thousand or so years ago. it is insane - insanity made holy by a book written by men, a blueprint to control the world and other races, tribes. that's religion- a sanctified architecture of control over others.

and woman sadly aren't immune either.heterosexuality Is part of the whole oppression thing particularly for women but for men too. men are enslaved by it and forced into roles they can chose to reject but do not. that's why the social religious conservatives are all fucking hating on gay marriage- they rightly see it should by strip them of their status and all their government funded bennies and rights and their power over individuals who reject their god and their religion based beliefs. marriage is as much slavery to me so in that sense i wonder why gays would want it but they should definitely fight christians and others denying others rights they are hoarding and using to oppress people. the government should not be upholding religious ceremonies and being involved in forcing everyone to have to partake of that ceremony to get rights or be denied that ceremony in order to be treated as unequal before the law.

while i blame misogyny for creating this- it's not like i think women rise above it. they do not .

i would want a soul mate- ' marriage-' but i have given up on the concept. it always blows up in my face. maybe i am not capable of it, maybe i just can't do it. maybe i just have no faith in other humans, one gets sick of handing your heart to someone and having it crushed out of mere spite when it would have been just as easy to just walk away. our society creates mean people who are confused profoundly about what love is- because of religion they think love = control. and it's no such thing.

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(Deleted comment)
swimming horses after all these years still might be my very favorite.

(Deleted comment)
oh dear- i have my entire life been androgynous and been made to pay for it- even from people i thought cared about me as a person.

why does it have to matter what gender someone is- anymore than what color they are? why do people HAVE to know your gender definitively or they cannot relate to you at all especially not respectfully. you either are a good person or you're not or you are in between like most of the earth- shouldn't the person you are and how you treat others be what matters? but no- it's always you have to be A or B or people cannot bare to accept or even tolerate you.this despite the fact that genetically and physically people are sometimes born into this world being neither male or female, sometimes even being both.

and many people believe that the reason for hatred of gays particularly gay males is tied to misogyny- men ' being used' like women." even the terms they use to describe their sexuality is loaded with spite- using women and other males for sex like they're objects of disdain.male homosexuality and transexuality/ transvestism is tied to ancient goddess worship- her priests were not heterosexual males and were often eunuchs.

unfortunately Haiti as a french colony was infested with roman catholicism which equals burning gay and raging female hatred.unfortunately too in america the self hatred born of the tradition of slavery has been so damaging to black male identity, that homophobia is a looming often unspoken but burdensome and destructive presence. " is paris burning?" oh yes it is.

jamaica has more christian churches per capita than any other place on earth and one of the biggest rates of vicious hate crimes against homosexuals and transgendered women.it also has the 3rd highest murder rate in the entire world.colombia is almost entirely roman catholic and it has the highest murder rate in the world. i myself was bullied and threatened with having the shit beat out of me and being sexually assaulted by a Colombian thug at work- a homophobic, woman hating rage filled cretin backed up by his equally thuggish family of bully boys. and what happened- because he is my lesbian boss's drug dealer i get laid off and he goes on to try a beat the shit out of one of my über femme sweetheart female employees. i'm sure she was scared to death i would sue her over this beast especially after he attacked a woman. and that's with a boss who is suppose to be a fucking lesbian who gives a fuck about woman and gays. she begged me not to go to the police- begged me -and i relented and she still stiffed me instead of firing him- because i am the freak who stood up to her little troll lord and spoke the truth. the thing is- people cannot bare the truth about themselves . they will get the person who shows up their own flaws and injustices rather than do the right thing- because people cannot face themselves and the fact they are not brave enough to stand up to what is wrong.

if i am not going to put up with woman hating and gay hating and from whites why on earth am i suppose to put up with it from minorities- just because i am white? fuck that. im not playing that game. people aren't better or immune from prejudice and hate just because of their skin tone- they do not get a pass.

the grossest thing about my work situation is that my bullshit boss right before dumping me did a fancy benefit for a gay domestic violence program- while her colombian little tools were beating up gheys and slapping women around in her own shop- so i hear you. and fuck the state of MA-a load of hacks who are ruled by the sort of PC bullshit that refuses to recognize the racism of anyone else but western europeans.

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(Deleted comment)
fucking good luck- right now in this country civil rights protections do not apply to people who are not of a certain minority for the most part. it's ok for certain minorities to oppress others and the law won't dare touch them. black creeps dressed in army clothes can show up with bats at voting booths, threatening white people and our justice department does nothing. that's tyranny- but black tyranny is ok- white tyranny is the only bad.

there was just this vicious gang rape by about 20 men of an 11 year old hispanic girl- and hardly any news articles mention that her attackers were all black and that their families were claiming that it was injustice to arrest their sons because ' she was asking for it and where was her mother'.. her family is getting death threats because those poor black ' boys' had their lives ruined because they raped her. it is fucking insane. why are they the victims after they gang raped a child? if they were white boys who raped a latino child the papers would be screaming about racism and that they were beasts and demanding their heads. instead it's how dare that latino bitch make those poor boys rape her. it boils my blood.

skin color and gender doesn't stop people from being fucking assholes and creeps and racists and vicious criminals and cruel stupid fucking morons.

i should have sued when that colombian cretin attacked me- i knew i should have but i trusted that the greek lesbian would be appalled at what he did. instead she turned on me because she wasn't brave enough to admit her own internalized misogyny and homophobia- and too weak to give up her drug dealer. fucking colombian drug dealers are a dime a dozen. what a fucking fool- i'd hate her if she wasn't so bloody pathetic. especially after she exploited me for 2 years- working 20 hour days- that's near slavery.all my hard work meant nothing. i should have said fuck you bitch and sued the fuck out of her and her bully boy. woman owned, lesbian owned business protects women beating homophobe- that's rich.

they are pathetic humans- selfish weak pathetic humans. why is it your fault the bitch can't find some prick who wants to marry her- lord knows cocks are a dime a dozen... and why if she doesn't have a green card is she working? that's against the law. i was replaced with an illegal alien who works for next to nothing- because i was the victim of a hate crime. that is fucked up and it is not right.

i totally believe it. injustice rules the world.

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