mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

really, get the fuck off my neck

verizon has been ass raping my phone lines for 3 weeks. as of today although my dsl works my phone does not which my internet company claims ' just isn't possible'.i'm just grateful something is working-all of it was down for nearly 2 weeks leaving me trying to find a pay phone left standing. ( you probably have not noticed having a cell phone that all the pay phones are gone and those left makes one long for a dixie cup and string. smoke signals and esp are more effective and provide a better connection.)

currently i have the download speed of a dial up . covad keeps coming out and saying, "the phone lines are bad." this causes both verizon and the dsl company to blame each other. the owner of all the lines, verizon, slows down any attempts at repair as they shift to implausible denial. they also keep coming out and saying ' the phone lines are bad'. and nothing is done. in 10 years here i have never had so many phone problems. verizon is clearly letting their lines rot and not replacing them- just switching them around hoping one works.and here where al gore invented the internets, where the first computer played music, and where MIT dumped nuclear waste into the charles- all this technology in the hot bed of dweeb innovation- and one can't get a decent internet connection or find someone who can diagnose and repair a phone line.

this all started last year at the spring thaw. phone lines that have withstood new england winters for, what, a hundred or so years,go down with the first spring shower.and they are not bringing fiber optics to your fucking urban neighborhood so give it up.verizon is letting their wired domain die. public futility not utility. comcast may lick dog balls when you have to deal with them but i never had my cable go down so many times nor did it ever take so long to resolve a connection problem. and because of the kick backs the cambridge city gets from the likes of verizon and comcast they have a monopoly where competition will never be allowed by our elected officials. real free market competition in order to reign their fucking shit in and bring about accountability and fair prices. communication companies would not suck so much ass( because let's admit it: most of the angry consumer screes that litter the internet are directed at communication companies which evolved out of the phone- a necessary public utility) if government did not get involved, getting paid off to allow only certain communication fiefdoms in their cities and towns. government IS the problem and government IS allowing certain companies to be evil blood sucking monopolies. the customer service of entities like verizon and comcast wouldn't be akin to talking to a deaf wet feral cat if they were not allowed to artificially dominate in certain areas by local government.customer service of course sucks when the customers have no other option but one company.

verizon has been selling off most of it's landlines especially in rural areas, already suffering from poorly maintained copper wiring, expensive to near none existent high speed internet and crappy cell phone coverage. my guess is they are looking to off urban area landlines next.

even though i have a separate internet company the lines are still owned and maintained only by verizon. they don't care. they don't have to. to earthlink's ( yes, they still exist) credit though their representatives are more personable on the phone that is if you can find a phone that works. but this week there was a massive outage in california so i was unable to call earthlink for updates as their repair lines were perpetually busy.

"listen to your filthy mouth you fucking whore!"

yeah, listen to your white noise drenched, dial tone less phone line, verizon ,you filthy fucking whore.

camel lips!

verizon wireless blocks 911 calls during blizzard- fcc demands answers. so, one supposes they're doing a shitty job with their non-land line customers as well.

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