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you're standing on my neck
reasons to be cheerful: "Daria" the complete series is finally on dvd although without a lot of the original soundtrack- for which the rights were impossible to obtain.( the same situation has kept ' designing women' from being released.)

" you did say i had a severe case of homosexuality..."

and also "Sordid Lives"- the whole series.

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(Deleted comment)
i'd look to sports illustrated before the DailyKos to find any ' unmasking' of the war against women.they're left wing douche bag hacks who could give a fuck about women. democrats and leftists use women in all the same ways the right does- only they're more hypocritical. they're using gheys and women and non-whites for their own purpose. they are nothing but stupid threatened white boys who also hate women and are after only power over them.

and i feel no need to pay for breeder abortions with my tax money. they're not paying for transgender people to transition- or for my cats to be fixed. why should tax payers pay for the irresponsible who don't use birth control? have as a many abortions as one likes , i say- i don't want to pay for it.( save for victims of crime of course.) this is the left's bullshit- just because one doesn't believe in tax funded abortions doesn't mean one is antichoice. propaganda to keep women on the leftist plantation.

the war on women- not the war on tax payers having to pay for every hair brained leftist social scheme to buy votes- with real bodies shedding real blood IS currently underway under Islam, a religious and cultural outlook fully supported by the likes of the dailykos which would never consider calling muslims woman hating nazis but have no problem calling the forces that shut down saddam hussein's ' rape rooms' criminals and tyrants. last time i checked the GOP wasn't running rape rooms. last time i checked abortion was legal in america. it's the left that has consistantly supported islam and its rape rooms and woman hating unquestioningly. like hiding the gang rape of a woman by ' peaceful ' alleged democracy protesters in egypt.

"But the feminists who signed the pro-Obama petition are mainly leftists. This means that they are often more concerned with the rights of (male) people of color; less concerned with the rights of women (of any color); more concerned with Christian and Jewish misogyny than with what I view as a far more dangerous Islamic misogyny; quick to criticize western imperialism and colonialism, yet utterly silent on the Islamic version; and devoted to principles of anti-racism (except where Jews are concerned).

Long ago, to avoid being labeled “racists,” such left feminists deserted their own vision of universalist human rights and became cultural relativists.

Well, Obama’s and Pelosi’s health care bill has, so far, been passed in the House. Federal funding for abortion (except in cases of rape and incest) has been deemed not as important as the right of the poorest (male) person to receive various sub-quality health care treatments and benefits."


islam is where the war on women is and it's the likes of the daily kos who refuse to go there.


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