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dropping like flies, appearing like ghosts
tesla 2
apparently i have been living under the cone of silence the last few months- everything has escaped me. mick karn born Antony Michaelides in cyprus, the bass player for Japan, as well as a slew of others, died only 52 years old from advanced cancer. japan is another one of the groups that just seems forgotten today. my very best friend in junior high- ok, my only friend- was a huge japan fan at a time when our generation was taken with stadium rock and bands like reo speedwagon or were smoking pot in the bathroom , writing led zeppelin lyrics on the stall walls. new wave hadn't quite made the charts- thankfully because it makes the charts and it tends to get absolutely ruined whatever it is. at this time new wave still meant fag.

karn was an exceptional bass player and he looked absolutely perfect for the times. here he is playing bass for kate bush. there is a wardrobe malfunction, so keep an eye peeled...

not popular, this and the work of throbbing gristle and coil - that was the soundtrack to my life and the lives of my friends then. maybe it's just i am so shocked to find so much time has passed and i was not paying attention. the past is haunted and haunting. there's time for a kiss but no time for regrets so don't.

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yes. it's child abuse. nasty little Crusaders.

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yes- i love angelica houston but this idea that children are at all delicious or interesting to witches is projection. it's only christians that devour their children whole and turn them into damaged rage filled monsters.

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there's very little difference between christianity, islam and judaism. i consider them more of the same.

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seen it. all the conceptions of ' witches' and what they do were created by christians which means it's all projection with no validity. an excuse to primarily rape and murder women, nothing more or less. everything witches are said to do- still in popular media- are contained here written by the evil murderers of the Inquisition. it has nothing to do with paganism. it's christian jack off snuff porn.


i do not consider myself a witch- it would be for me like a black person accepting the ku klux klan's views of black people or a jew accepting 'mein kampf' as a factual and correct description of jewish people. not that it means that to the people who do call themselves witches- trying to reclaim the term-i've no problem with that just for me personally it is not workable. i view myself through a pagan lens not through a christian one. i am not a christian. i am not what christians say i am. i reject that outlook- that's the prison- men making themselves god and forcing it upon everyone else- not the world.

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