mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Rape survivor arrested for refusing to submit to TSA sexual assault

"Police arrest a sexual assault-victim at Austin's airport after she refused a pat-down by security officials. Austin traveler-Claire Hirschkind knew that her pacemaker-type implant would set off the scanners at the airport and idea of having to undergo an enhanced pat-down caused the 56-year old woman to panic because she says added security measure immediately brought back bad memories of her past-sexual assault. Hirschkind says, “I told the TSA screener, I would not allow her to touch my breasts or my crotch and the woman simply said to me, no, I’m going to touch you”. She says following an argument, three-Austin police officers forced her to the ground, handcuffed her and dragged across the airport terminal. She was charged with a criminal trespass class-C misdemeanor and told she was banned from the airport for up to 1-year. Hirschkind says the incident at the airport has caused her to seek additional mental counseling related to her past sexual assault."

your government , your tax money at work: violating a rape survivor's 4th amendment rights.muslims in burquas and mexican nationals are exempted from the TSA groping but not american citizens who are not wanted by the police and are not acting suspicious. airport rape keeps us safe from the main terrorist threats to the country which according to the department of homeland security are overweight children and global warming.

it used to be called ' illegal search and seizure' without warrant or just used to be called sexual battery.

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