mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

teutonic rodent circle jerk

i picked up a hot pan from the oven and didn't even feel it. walking on coals, willing not feeling, walking through the flames- we are reborn. is matter in fire destroyed? no . matter cannot be created nor destroyed save by she who birthed you. the charred remains feed the land. a tree grows out of your heart, it's roots in hell, it's eyes, the branches, fly toward heaven.

i see the mice have fled.. should i remove them? cocksuckers. once we were warriors. now, i see, we are pussies. suffused with false pride. weak, needful. i expect more from people. sadly i am deluded - trying to live out and envision values that no longer have currancy in the whiney post freudian self-absorbed world werein we live.

once we were warriors.

once we killed the saddams the minute they raised their ugly ratheads. he slaughtered millions and proved himself a weak coward- not a warrior but a whiney UN sponsored spin doctor. they don't call him the ' butcher of baghdad' because of the fine kosher meats he sold.

he is just 'misunderstood'.

his supporters are cocksuckers. terrorized cocksuckers and whiney american and european hippies/ cocksuckers who would see WW2 as viet nam instead of the near destruction of every single european jew the russians didn't get to kill.

my father came to this country and there is an akmed because white and black and indian and mexican american boys stormed the beaches of normandy- and bled and died so that france would exist.

france ,you will note, was founded by another vestal virgin- joan of arc.

thank you- when i see some old guy walking in central square with a vets cap on- i say or think - thank you- what you did is acknowledged- i am alive because of you and your pals who died on that beach, in the sand- with fire flying through the air. thank you. you're a warrior and we're proud of you.

"on flanders field the poppies blow...."

even Hitler would escape judgement in this world. millions of dead kurds and jews and armenians curse your fucking name for believing the bullshit that says-"unfair". pol pot was not a nice man. hitler was not an "unloved child" with and inferiority complex. sadam hussien and his lackies are the moral equivilant of the nazis circa 1939- 1945. and i don't need some asshole liberal friends sending me, instead of christmas greetings ( and i am not even christian), rather lame polemics against removing one of the vilest dictators to ever have ordered the gassing of CHILDREN , to have ever crawled across the earth , buffeted by ignorance and the lack of western white concern for dirty towel headed kurds and filthy old left over baghdad jews.( oh you werent aware that saddam's political party killed the jews left in the country? - no matter, afterall they were only jews.. don't worry about it, whitey...who cares about the jews even if you are a liberal white overfed indulged american version thereof...).

we've been too lucky here and it is not a good sign. bad karma's being dug up and like mister t, 'i pity the fool' turning the wheel back. she is not amused. the lathe of heaven is prepared to crush spin and mutilate. word.

"die on a brand new poison gas"

when was the last time your husband came home from work diced in pieces? not recently? guess you live in america not 20th- 21st century iraq.

it was the vestals who dragged the goddess back to rome after years of forgetfulness. stuck in the tiber- she wouldnt budge until a vestal accused of ' incest '( then any sexual act- the vestals were literally suppose to be virgins until the end of their service to the sacred flame) to prove her innocence pulled the barge strong men couldn't so much as budge. reluctantly, the cocksuckers of rome acknowledged in a limited way her presence- to think the Mother of All circumscribed! they paid though. oh, how they paid.

you're paying now and you don't even know it as anything but - bad luck.

maybe you're just ' misunderstood."

pay back is a bitch - you know? oh the hounds of hell nipping at those heels...

' fuck that to death/ the dead are holy/ honor the sisters of your friends"

pick up the bow of authority in your life- honor your sister, honor the medicine woman, the vestal, the womb that spat you out- the reason for the season isn't the son. . . and it isn't even you or your credit card limit.

saturnalia. be the wolf not the pussie.

" i am becalmed/ lost to nothing / warm weather and holocaust.." - BÖC

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