mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

obamacare ruled unconstitutional!

in contradiction to the rules of both chambers of congress and against the will of the american people democrats rammed through the biggest violation of individual personally liberty ever- control over your own physical body-last christmas eve. nancy pelosi declared it a 'present' for the citizens. few congress people had even read it so she further opined that they HAD to pass it so they could know what was in it.

a federal judge in virgina just ruled Deathcare unconstitutional on the near anniversary of it's passing via obfuscation and pay offs to individual states and lobbying interests including several big businesses interests obama keeps as pets as opposed to the other big businesses he has his foot ' on the neck of.'. the judge ruled the individual mandate in particular as unconstitutional. the federal government cannot force you to buy a product merely because you have a corporal body and are breathing. imagine. and you thought the republicans were the nazis, didn't you?

this made me so happy. a triumph for liberty. hopefully romneycare in MA will fall with it.

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