mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Who Crushes Snakes is the Snake

Coatlaxopeuh aka know as Guadalupe.

"Let Our Lady out of jail."

"A year later, group still wants religious mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe shown

DENVER - It was one year ago when the pastor of North Denver's Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church decided to block a religious mural that decorates the altar. Although a year has passed since the decision, frustrations have only gotten worse.

More than a dozen Denver residents, most of them women, showed up at the headquarters of the Denver Archdiocese Tuesday afternoon for a peaceful protest. Advocates of the mural marched on Archdiocese property to hand-deliver a letter of protest to Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput.

In this letter, they asked that the wall be down in time to celebrate the annual Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12." -

because the church knows who she is and she's not the mother of god. she is god.

"Christian scripture and doctrine totally preclude placing Mary above Christ. Yet the vitality of Christ's own Church has often seemed to depend on her rather than him . Without her he would have probably lost his kingdom." geoffrey ashe

the basilica of our lady of guadalupe is the most visited catholic shrine in all the world. it was built on the ancient temple dedicated to Aztec goddess Tonantzin ("Our Mother") an aspect of whom is Cihuacoatl ( "The Woman Snake"). winter solstice around the earth from culture to culture in the ancient world is dedicated to a mother Goddess. to the aztecs, the winter solstice was when the goddess Tonatzin, dressed in a white cape of feathers and seashells, walked amid her worshippers, sacrificing some as the sun is killed by the coming of winter.

"The church seemed doomed to failure, destined to go down to bloody death amidst the bleeding corpses of its victims, when the people discovered Mary. And only when Mary, against the stern decrees of the church, was dug out of the oblivion to which Constintine had assigned her and became identified with the Great Goddess was Christianity finally tolerated by the people... The only reality in Christianity is Mary, the Female Principle, the goddess reborn."- Mary Daly, " beyond god the father".

to the romans today starts the Feast of Bona Dea aka Fauna aka Fatua, Fate, aka as Marica or Marika another form of the name Mary aka Diana, Queen of Heaven. bona dea is often shown with snakes.the celebrations were strictly female only and attended by the Vestal Virgins. depictions of male genitals and males were forbidden even of male animals as was using the word for alcoholic fermented grape drink and an herb beginning with the letter M. a pig was sacrificed, fermented grapes were served but called milk and the celebrations had a distinctly erotic over tone despite the absence of men . i will let the reader consider that as they may.

Vesta is the guardian of the month of December. she is also known as Nemisis who holds the wheel of time which one day will come to its end and will stop turning. she will reap her vengeance.


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