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"she'll come back as fire/ burn all the liars/ leave a blanket of ash on the ground"

on this day in 2001, gary leon ridgway was arrested in washington state as the green river serial killer, perhaps responsible for the murder of over 50 women and teen age girls in a series of hideously brutal sexually motivated crimes that began in the early 1980s. ridgway was considered a person of interest in the case as early as 1983 but was dismissed upon passing a polygraph test. in 1987 he was required to give saliva and hair samples. it wasn't until 2001 the dna from these samples linked him to one victim conclusively, carol christensen, and one dump site for a total of 4 victims.

he plead guilty to 48 murders to avoid the death penalty and a trial, promising to provide information on the locations of his many alleged victims who remain missing. he was given 48 life sentences with no chance of parole, served consecutively, along with 480 years for tampering with evidence( he indulged in necrophilia and often returned to his ' dump sites', sometimes moving the bodies.). ridgway opined that killing women was his 'career.' it really pissed off fellow professional female killer ted bundy that 'green river' may have had the more successful career and, basically, on his own old turf.

because serial killers are notoriously self absorbed cowardly fame whore douche bags who want all the victims to themselves, many believe ridgway was probably not the only predator at the time slaughtering women in the seattle and tacoma areas.since they are also lying sacks of shit, save where there is dna evidence, there is no real proof and no way to prove if many of the so called green river killings can be attributed to him. the court has chose to take a depraved monster's word for it.

"Initially, despite his obvious incentive to be truthful in the interviews, Ridgway greatly
minimized his behavior and acknowledged that he was a pathological liar. In candid moments,
Ridgway acknowledged that it was difficult for him to be truthful, after being so successfully
deceptive about the killings for decades. Ridgway also suggested another reason why he would
lie or minimize his conduct: he believes that a popular “true crime” author will write a book
about him, and he wanted to portray himself in the best possible light.

Ridgway made it clear that he would not claim to have killed a woman unless he did so.
He explained his reasons:
'Why, if it isn’t mine? Because I have pride in…in…what I do, I
don’t wanna take it from anybody else.' "

- superior court of washington,state of washington vs. gary leon ridgeway No. 01-1-10270-9 SEA, prosecutor's summary of evidence.

"I don't know how to describe the pain. It's inside. There's no words for it. I have gone on with my life in the last 20 years and feel that I have become probably a fairly confident and articulate person, and find that it all fails me at this moment.

I want to go back to Nov. 5, in fact probably a little shortly before that, when I heard about this[gary leon ridgway's plea bargain to avoid the death penalty or even a trial for the green river serial killings] and I became very angry. I haven't known that kind of anger in my life before. I didn't know how to deal with it. Since that time, I've been able to process what all this anger is, and besides it being the obvious, the person who sold his soul for his deviancy, there is a secondary fallout that has affected our lives and caused great pain. I believe we've been sold by the prosecutor for not giving us the justice that we could expect. I believe also that he made the deal because of so many that were unknown. I have a very unpopular opinion. Sometimes unpopular opinions are the truth. I believe had the investigations gone right in the last 20 years, many of us would not be in this court today. I believe we still are victimized by some politically ambitious careers. The self-proclaimed heroes have put the victims and their families on a shelf. At our expense, they come forward.

Our lives have been run havoc from the news media. We have been maligned. We've been referred to as low-class, uneducated people. I for one resent that. They have no respect. They twist the facts. I have not read a newspaper since 1983 for that reason -- until Nov. 5. I don't take phone calls, even though as late as last night, news media did call, expecting us to respond to them with no thought. Again we are victimized. Now will come the blood writers who will make tons of money on our suffering. There's no closure. It goes on forever. I cannot forgive this man, it is not within my power. That I have to leave up to God ...

I feel for all the people that are in the courtroom at this time, not being able to tell you the depth of where we come from. I want to thank all the people that are praying for us. The network has spread out beyond even my imagination thought it could go to. It is these prayers that have followed us and helped us get through ...

I know ultimately there is one thing he can't escape, and that's his maker."- victim family statement, sentencing of gary leon ridgway as the green river killer- Helen Naon, mother of victim Constance Naon.

"Gary Ridgway, this is a sad day for humanity. Everybody is born with the ability to do good and evil. You made the choice to let evil control who you are. You used the family that loved you to enable you to do your worst ...

You made the statement that you did not know Debbie or remember her face or name. I will take this time to tell you about her. Count number six was not the trash you said she was. Debra Lorraine Estes turned 15 just days before she disappeared on Sept. 20, 1982. Debbie had a bright smile, loved horses, was well-liked by her friends and was loved, missed and will never be forgotten. Like most children, Debbie would ride her bike, play tag, baseball, make forts in the woods and dream ...

It was not her first choice to live on the streets. She could no longer stay where she was. She was forced to try to find a safe place. She just wanted what every child wants and should have. It is sad that some people die without ever having the chance to live, while others exist without realizing they have died inside. I am proud that Debbie was one of the girls that made it impossible for you to continue to destroy people's lives for your pleasure. I'm glad you did not have the guts to look into my sister's eyes while you were choking the life out of her. She did not have to see the look of hate and total disregard for life in your eyes. I can only imagine the look of fear in your eyes when you realized you were finally caught and not going to be able to just walk away like so many times before. Whatever it was that caught you, you're caught ...

Gary Ridgway, fortunately for you, political correctness has taken the place of common sense. We are living in a time and system where money can buy your freedom if you commit one or two murders or guarantee a life sentence because it has become too expensive to put a serial killer on trial. The scales of justice are tipped in the favor the criminal. Gary Ridgway, our society will put down an animal predator and think little about it. This is done in an attempt to protect us from harm. I am a patient and hopeful person. You are going to die someday. It is then that I will have closure in my life, not because you are dead, but because the evil you chose to become has left this earth and gone back to hell from where it came. That will be a happy day indeed..."., victim family statement-Virginia Graham, sister of Debra Estes

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