mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

nap nap revolution

even cats aren't this self absorbed. cats don't keep journals in order to tell others of their worth as a human. cats dream and dreams are realer than blog programs.

dreams have more balls than most will ever pony up in ' real' life. in dreams, you are the ugly truth: the future projected , rectified. the past exposed in a colder, more layered light- the effects - sobering.

the charge of the vestal virgins was to protect and keep the sacred flame. they were often entrusted with people's wills and valuables. they were the only females in rome who could write their own wills and had the ability to speak for citizens on trial. if a vestal was passed in the street by a condemed man on the way to his death, he was pardoned.

so what's your purpose today? keeping the sacred flames of holier than thou, more soulful and deeper than thou ablaze? or nap nap revolution?

i see these things and i can trust them like nothing and no one here. the vestals have gone, fled. war rages near the hill and they mark their path on foot with the sacred things entrusted to their care under their arms, in baskets and boxes. they run off with your real dreams and leave but the vanities, the hollow shells.

i'm putting up wall paper in the dream house and you know its not wall paper , right? it's protection from harm. it's the fullfillment of what is suppose to be.

change your shape- shift and walk through the wall.

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