mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

hemp covered bitch blues

happy birfday to the apple ipod, bane of the human race. responsible largely for what a bunch of self absorbed disconnected creatures we've become as a society- closer to our machines than to other living things.LOL!

but the ipod, which debuted today in 2001, was actually first patented in the uk in 1985, first developed in 1979, by kane kramer. working prototypes were created but a dispute within his company with stockholders fucked everything up, his patents lapsed and entered the public domain.

his original report to investors is focused a great deal on the piracy protections the device would offer to an industry that spent decades screeching about home taping ,having lost, at least in america, most legal rights to stop home recording for private, personal use.

apple admitted in 2007 that kramer invented the mini digital audio player. because his patents had expired this did not entitle him to any money for changing the world of music- and how we obtain, distribute, hear and perceive it -forever.

my original first generation ipod still works. the battery has been changed once but i received money from a class action lawsuit over how much that original battery sucked ass. i bought some bluetooth crap with it.

mix tapes were always the best, most personal tapes. i use my itouch everyday but i still think itunes is one nosey, invasive motherfucker, a mini anti-privacy police state on your computer. do not allow your itunes to search for album titles or art work or use the genius feature- it's merely a way to track what music you have been compiling and how you came by it.

the itunes store is a miserable, disorganized shopping system that screams ' random' and ' we let one thousand drunk, psychologically disturbed monkeys key the information into our inventories'. often titles and artists are incorrect and you have to watch out for the bad cover versions of things by anonymous boy or girl singers. recently, i made a mix cd for someone through the store- there was no other way to get the music to them. i wanted to kill someone by the time i was finished. ok, i wanted to kill apple. they make the prettiest, geekiest toys but they always gift wrap the ass rape in there somewhere- with everything they do. you paid once for your fruity apple love "objet" and you're gonna pay out again and again for the honor of owning it in a pathetic attempt to squeeze enough out of it to justify the outrageous price you originally plunked down.

as an example: i just found a first generation apple cinema screen-23 inches- in the trash. (of course, you are suppose to pay for a disposal ticket for monitors in the trash over 20 inches but the self-righteous hemp covered bitches around here are only concerned with how other people go green and recycle- it doesn't apply to them . everyone else better move into caves and use unicycles instead of cars but they leave lead filled computers and monitors all over the streets of cambridge because they're too lazy or too cheap to recycle the most environmentally dangerous items themselves.) it looked like someone had left it in the basement as some water got into the acrylic frame and legs. totally worth the chance of taking it- it's a great monitor.

i took her home and opened and cleaned it out- all the electronics looked pristine . one would think- just plug it in , cross your fingers but apple was fucking around with proprietory input and plug designs meant to completely frustrate and fuck your digital life to hell if you lost a cord or if their magical power cord and adapter went poof. if these early cinema displays didn't have the apple display cord(ADC= power,usb and video signal in one), unusable with anything but post G3 macs, they had an obnoxious odd pod power adapter with the least popularly used inputs-audio style mic plug and a mickey mouse power cord. of course al gore's butt buddy didn't happen to throw the power pod out with the monitor and there aren't that many left in the world, hardly any under 100 plus dollars. not worth it for a monitor that might not work at all.

could you just use a standard power cord like every other fucking monitor on earth you greedy, greedy snobby fucks of apple? it's not like you keep selling parts for the items you just introduced last week- they all become obsolete and discontinued immediately. you seem to take great pleasure in making sure absolutely no accessory, no power cord on earth is compatible with anything you manufacture. it's sad but true that if you give geeks tons of money and success , the less savory aspects of their geekilicious personality are beckoned forth and exaggerated: such as having to have a thing no one else has or making everything far more complicated and convoluted than it has to be to shore up for that lack of social self esteem. smart ain't that sexy when it's always being painfully annoying.

a power pod showed up for 40, i took a chance and the monitor works and is quite lovely and bigger than my old one. bigger really is better. and i still do not want an ipad.

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