mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"she moves through the fair"

".... for more than half the convicted witches in Scotland in 1590 and 1697 were called Janet."

the green river killer- the real one this time- is about to cop a plea to save himself from the death penalty he has already himself doled out to perhaps over 50 women.

the worm will tell them where 2 or 3 bodies are. let 2 or 3 families know after 20 years what trash heap if left their loved one in and then live another day in his wormy smirky life daydreaming about all the bitches he fucked and slit and dumped while keeping the court system clogged with what will be an assortment of complaints, demands- wails of injustice- the usual self absorbed evil prick trick bag of grand standing and puffery.

i give you maybe a year to live in jail, cocksucker, because i want you shived and fucking gone and i'll have it. my name isnt janet but i saw you crammed in a coffin 10 years ago- and i'll have it- do you understand? i will fucking have it.

tam lin is not the hero of " tam lin". janet is.

killing whores and witches is a very stupid thing that this world lets you get away with and even encourages in a myriad of convoluted and even blunt ways. the other world is not so kind nor as corrupt. you got away with it for so long because so many find what you did erotic and fascinating instead of reprehensible and deserving of , frankly, death.

you cant turn someone into a newt who already is one.

"And she went away from me and moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her move here and move there
And then she went onward, just one star awake
Like the swan in the evening moves over the lake

Last night she came to me, my dead love came in
So softly she came that her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me and this she did say
“Oh, it will not be long, love, till our wedding-day”

i live with ghosts. i watch as they move through .

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