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hour of death: the greek genocide

"One of the keenest impressions which I brought away with me from Smyrna was a feeling of shame that I belonged to the human race."
-US. Consul at Smyrna, George Horton

on september 13, 1922 the turkish army burnt the greek city of smyrna, now izmir, to the ground after slaughtering what was left of the christian and jewish i.e. 'greek' population which had not fled from them. the turks started in the armenian section by butchering the inhabitants. greece's allies, the english and the americans, watched from their boats in the aegean and did nothing (the 'ottoman empire' now the turks were on the losing side of WW1- and part of what they lost was the area of land around smyrna according to the treaty of sèvres.). the burning of smyrna marked the end of a greek presence in asia minor dating back over 4000 years. it was a jihad. the muslim section of the city was untouched and, as in 'palestine' when the planes hit the towers on 9/11, they celebrated the orgy of sadistic terror, murder and arson with singing and dancing.

to this day no one likes to call the destruction of the ethnic greeks of asia minor nor the destruction of the assyrians nor the destruction of the armenians what all these events were and are- acts of genocide specifically muslim ethnic/religious cleansing. to this day the turkish government goes so far as to imprison any of its citizens who are so ' unturkish'( a crime in turkey- being unturkish) as to say publicly that the murder of the armenian populations within what was the ottoman empire was a genocide. the turkish government still insists that the greeks burned down smyrna themselves while somehow managing to avoid destroying the partying turkish muslim section. because nearly no one in the west but the greeks mention that the armenian genocide was accompanied by a genocide of assyrians and greeks, the turks pretty much are never called to task for those equally appalling crimes against humanity. but in their favor one supposes that after so much raping, pillaging and killing all the infidels probably tend to look alike.

the united states government still refuses to recognize the armenian genocide- even though then democratic presidential candidate barack obama promised armenian americans he would do so. now he'd rather bow to the turks who eradicated the christians and jews from their lands so effectively. perhaps he finds this one of their more admirable accomplishments.

"...The extermination of the Christians of Turkey was an organized butchery, carried out on a great scale, and well under way before the Greeks were sent to Smyrna. We have seen it in operation in the days of Abdul Hamid, 'the butcher', we have seen it more fully developed and better organized under Talaat and Enver, those statesmen of the 'Constitution'. We shall behold it carried out to its dire finish by Mustapha Khemal, ..."

George Horton, Chapter IX, The Blight of Asia, 1926

after the tragedy of smyrna and the refusal of turkey to recognize the treaties signed by their predecessor the ottoman government, an exchange of populations took place- with turkey expelling greeks and assorted non muslims from certain areas and muslims being likewise turned out from greece. the exchange was based on religion and not actual ethnicity or the fact that greeks had been in asia minor for thousands of years before the existence of islam , before the invention of 'turks'. although muslims still have a presence in greece and greece accepts muslim refugees, the turkish state has actively discriminated against its remaining greek citizens through taxation and systematic oppression that has broken out numerous times in what can only be described as government backed mob pogroms - the destruction and confiscation/theft of greek property and, finally, the forced mass exodus of turkish born greeks.

i suppose one wouldn't mind them so much deflecting any blame off on random 'ottomans' if they hadn't continued torturing and fucking with the few greeks they had left or if the west wasn't so keen on exempting them from responsibility for the first genocide of the 20th century, the one hitler found so inspiring because he kenned that no one was ever going to truly give a fuck about armenians or even notice they were gone- so why not have at the jews? there's still no large scale recognition of all the dead assyrians or slaughtered greeks of asia minor outside their respective's so much easier to think you have hitler down as the evil one whereas he had humanity dead to rights- who really gives a fuck about dead people to whom one is not related- even great big slaughtered innocent heaps of them ?

"The Denial of Genocide is a form of aggression. It continues the process of genocide. It strives to reshape history in order to rehabilitate the perpetrators and demonize the victims. It prevents healing of the wounds inflicted by genocide. Denying genocide is the final stage of genocide-it murders the dignity of the survivors and destroys the remembrance of the crime."

"According to a groundbreaking expose by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Microsoft's electronic encyclopedia 'Encarta' pressured contributing scholars Helen Fein, Executive Director of The Institute for The Study of Genocide, and Ronald Suny, a political scientist at the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan, to incorporate strategies of denial when referring to the Armenian Genocide because 'the Turkish government had threatened to arrest local Microsoft officials and ban Microsoft products'...

A Turkish writer for Encyclopedia Britannica was imprisoned for using the word 'Armenia' in a map of ancient Anatolia.

Last year, Turkey imprisoned Assyrian priest Yusuf Akbulut for 'telling reporters that his Christian minority had been the victim of genocide' (The New York Times, 12/12/00).

Ankara's Public Prosecutor's Office is now seeking a six-year prison term for Turkish human rights activist Akin Birdal for saying 'everybody knows what was done to the Armenians' during a panel discussion in Germany. In 1998, Birdal survived multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and legs by two extremists linked to the Turkish military.

In October, Turkey successfully blackmailed the U.S. House of Representatives to withdraw a majority-supported resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide by threatening economic, military and diplomatic sanctions.

Incredibly, in a not-so-veiled threat Ankara warned that Americans in Turkey would be in danger should the resolution pass, prompting Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) to remark 'what kind of ally threatens American lives if it doesn't get its way? With friends like that, who needs enemies.'"


just like you won't be safe in the world if one muslim doesn't get to build his mosque where he wants-it's' a national security issue' if you do not submit.

do we really care 9 years on about 3000 innocents slaughtered on our soil more than offending those who would commit the same unthinkable crime over again if they ever had the chance?

be better than hitler thought you could be- care about the greeks of asia minor, the assyrians and the armenians. they were the first 20th century victims of the islamic horror show still going on today. their murderers are painting themselves as the victims and it must not stand if we are to escape being tomorrow's forgotten unmourned assyrians.

i will not submit.

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