mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

we miss you, sweet harriet brown.

where are you tonight, harriet?
won't you please come back?

finally someone has posted the original version of this song- the song my cat harriot brown was named for. opal became mazzy star with a different singer. they had been rain parade, dream syndicate. "early recordings" is long and desperately out of print even though it's one of the better "albums' of a generation and place in time. i know many mp3 blogs have posted it- treat yourself. you deserve opal. this song makes me feel a million emotions, waves of recall. it makes me want to smile and dissolve into hysterical tears at the same's about living in allston alone with my cats, orphaned in a strangely calming chaos overlooking brighton avenue.

original member kendra smith disappeared into the woods of california after making a critically received solo album. when i think of the 80s, when i was record obsessed and had no tv hence no mtv this is the music i think of not any top 40 crap in heavy rotation. many of us who didn't die seemed to have wandered off, gone missing. smith left in the middle of an opal tour, replaced by hope sandoval.

i always did like richard farina better than bob dylan. mimi is joan baez's sister.

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