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i found this today and was completely knocked over. how many years have i been bitching to people about how much better the 1270 was than the man ghey? i occasionally search google for any reference to it- hoping someone else out there remembers and thinks that that was a pretty magical and amazing time and place. as i said about new order's 'perfect kiss'- which i first heard in the 1270- all glorious 9 plus minutes- thinking about that music and the dancing, when people went out to seriously, seriously dance, i want to cry.

this video focuses more on the disco dollies upstairs than the floor i lived on- the new wave / scary people in black section, the first floor.( really- once i was talking to an old queen about all the gay bars that used to be in boston and when i mentioned the 1270 as my favorite she looked puzzled and then said, quite taken aback," oh. you were on the first floor with THOSE creatures all in black." see how the public has evolved? now they automatically know those be goth chillens.). there's a lot of working in a bar minutia and not much about the music and djs, but the spirit is there. i was flooded with remembrances . i was fucking right sick about feeling like i was the only one so deeply effected by a gay bar.there would have been no man ghey, then called campus- a hinrg disco clone bar, if there had been no first floor of the 1270.

there are 4 sections to follow through.

the 1270 was owned by the same guy who owned the bar i worked in , sporters. i had no idea bob white died under questionable circumstances- or i just may have forgotten. the staff members they interview rather gloss over some of their more egregious behaviors concerning door policy particularly involving women and drag queens. they are also disturbingly cavalier about some of the violence perpetrated by and upon their patrons. with 2 gay bars right next to each other, the fens a block away and fenway park right across the way, that area of boylston street attracted herds of likely young lads out to bash the queers.( how is it that they always know exactly where to find the gays and when?) when a game was on it could be quite dangerous to be there. it was such a different world- but all that bullshit could disappear when you escaped through those doors.

no one mentions that in that corner on the disco floor where the black people hung out there was generally several women playing drums and percussion instruments. and the fan and flag dancers. the split level pyramid bleacher seats around the dance floor on the gothlette floor was really unique making a giant pit of the gheys. and everything was black.

and i had completely forgotten that the ramrod aka machine was originally called Herbie's Ramrod Room.


"straight invasion!"!


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