mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

black silk stockings and death adders

isn't she adorable?

miep's latest trick is to chew through computer mouse usb cables. she's gone through 2 40 dollar mice. (and yes wouldn't a wireless mouse solve this problem. i have a wireless mouse but wireless mice suck rat balls. they are so slow and imprecise they make me crazy. i need the tail thank you.). and badApple makes them so they cannot be repaired. the house is full of cables and wires for all sorts of electronics and she never touches any of those. i think she just gets jealous when i am on the magical interwebs and not paying attention to her.

so i was reduced to buying this bit of übergheytechieness- the fucking gamer mouse of shame:

it glows. it fades. it fades and glows. you will kill your enemies with it. despite the aura of 12 year old boy and the high appeal to SCA role players and trekkies it's pretty much the best mouse i have ever had in terms of reality- as in utility. it is so responsive and so tweekable. apple is known for it's terrible over priced mice- something so basic that you'd think they'd have had it down by now.( when you take apart some apple mice the parts inside say 'logitech' if you must know. even logitech brand name items tend to be better than apple mice for which i have no explanation .)

the best part vis-à-vis miss miep 'the terminator of mice' is that the cabling is a braided fiber cable- not chewy plastic/rubber goodness.

so to make up for the geek i must bring the sexy back. this was 1978 and it obliterates just about all of the "electro" revisionists of the late 90s early 2000. miss kitten , who? adult? pwned.

krisma black silk stocking


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