April 5th, 2021

Pacific Northwest, so much to answer for

Marie M. Malvar, 18, was picked up by Gary Ridgway on April 30, 1983 near a store of Pacific Highway South in Seattle. Her boyfriend tried to keep track of the vehicle but lost it in traffic. When Marie did not return home, her boyfriend managed to track down Ridgway's distinctive truck and, along with Malvar's father, brought the police to the front door of one of the worst serial killers of women in US history- near the beginning of his murder spree.

The police did not find Malvar's dad or her boyfriend believable - even though it was well known that a killer was picking up prostitutes in the Sea-Tac area of Seattle and killing them. (This is why Malvar's bf tried to follow Ridgway's truck-those engaged in these transactions were also aware that a killer was afoot. People were trying to keep track of the licenses of johns.)

Marie Malvar's partial remains were found in 2003 west of Auburn- with the help of Gary Ridgway who had pled guilty to her murder .

Ridgway of Seattle, Washington was apprehended as being the Green River Killer in November 2001 using a DNA sample in police possession since 1987. He pled guilty to the murders of 49 women to avoid the death penalty. He has admitted to killing at least 71. He is serving LWOP in Walla Walla state prison. Ridgway had been killing women since at least 1980.

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