July 28th, 2019

"The Devil is here ..."

Joseph Edward Duncan III
Joseph Edward Duncan III

Every post I make about convicted serial child rapist and serial killer Joseph Duncan III is removed from facebook or i am instantly blocked from seeing it.


Duncan sits on federal death row for the kidnapping, rapes and sexual abuse of Shasta and Dylan Groene and the murder of Dylan. he was convicted at the state level of murdering their mother, their older brother and their mother's fiancé . 

Duncan is a nearly life long violent serial predator targeting prepubescent children, male and female, although his preferred victim type appears to be male.

his crimes, all the ones i mentioned in my post, he has either been convicted of or confessed to. it is a matter of public record. criminal trials are public record. convictions are public record. i did not offer particularly graphic details of his sadistic crimes. i described them with some restraint. Duncan actually videotaped himself torturing and raping Dylan. these tapes were shown at his trial. there is no speculation concerning what Duncan has done. his character cannot be impugned in so much that he actually is a confessed, convicted sadistic lust killer of children.

why is facebook running cover for him when he really, by all rights, should be the next one executed now that the feds have committed to dealing out the sentences predators like Duncan received and deserve?

"On the screen, a child screamed in pain, and his tormentor raved.

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