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My God, they shot her.
tesla 2

Mary Pinchot Meyer was the Greatest Generation/ Camelot It girl. Elite, from a wealthy Franco-American family that made their scads of dosh importing French wallpaper. Grey Towers in Penn., now a National Historic Site, was the family homestead. All the best schools, all the best boys- Skull and Bones, Yale, military commissions. Progressives as in Teddy Roosevelt Bull Moose Party. Her uncle was the first head of the Forestry Service and an early, prominent supporter of the idea that the environment was something that needed Conserving. Mary was head-turning beautiful, artistic, smart, liberated with a spiritual depth many were intrigued by. Her relationships with her intimates- male and female friends- were characterized by intensity and a striving for true emotional connection. Decades after her death, men in their 70s, who had dated her in their youth, had tears in their eyes describing her and their near magical time together. After all the years, they were still in love with her.

JFK, uncharacteristically as he was a long term manwhore of staggering proportions, was deeply in love with her. Toward the end of both their lives, they were involved in an affair which was also comprised of a strong ethical and intellectual pursuit which would obsesses and defines the Boomer hippy generation that followed them. They allegedly dropped acid, smoked pot, and were deeply concerned about one of Mary’s life-long obsessions- how world peace could be maintained through the auspices of government. 

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