mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
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pregnant with celestial fire

on july 7 1989 cd's outsold vinyl for the first time. i don't think the cd will last as long as the phonograph record. soon all our cultural artifacts will be virtual- perhaps lost completely if the technology that produced and reads them does not survive.

i've gotten some lovely things lately. emo has apparently moved on from it's brief flirtation with records and irony. fads. nothing but mass produced hysteria.

judy henske- original copy of 'little bit of sunshine... little bit of rain'. damn it, listen to the power of her voice. the queen of the beatniks.

this isn't on that album but it's fun. there are less than a handful of judy henske songs on the utubes. many have been pulled.

henske and then husband jerry yester produced an up until recently extremely rare classic psychedelic pop record called 'Farewell Aldebaran' . it's pretty much proto goth. i snagged a copy on 8 track because it was the only form i could afford at the time. it has been released finally on cd. a wild ride. women aren't suppose to sing this low especially white ones. nice white girls aren't suppose to attack songs and rip them to shreds. one of the greatest voices of her generation.

i recall going to see the tina turner bio-pic 'what's love got to do with it' in the theater when it came out. our whole row of seats got up and danced to this, singing along - to the horror of whitie. i had forgotten the song- and it threw my whole childhood right up in my face. because woman hater and murderous psycho phil specter produced it and probably held on to the rights, it never quite gets the re-release attention of other ike and tina songs and that's criminal. vocally it is one of tina's best performances. i've put this clip in here even though you have to look at that fuck ike, glowering, because it has the legendary ikettes in it and tina looks great.

classic garage track. from the late 70s though. crusaders/ street life. a major house influence across the whole spectrum.

and this made me laugh. there was a time when black culture had not turned its back on its own creation: house music. before the homophobia and the gangsta hate and the glorification of violence and racial divisiveness. you would go to a loft or warehouse party and it would be racially mixed and everyone would share the music love without categories and belligerence.that was the promise of house. it didn't last long.

from cajmere underground 'goddies' ep

every time you find a sesame street album it is scratched to shit and worthless if you actually want to listen to it or, you know, use it. finally found one that isn't trashed. this goes out to al' sex poodle' gore:


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