May 29th, 2012

Serial Rapist and Convicted Murderer of Orla Benson- Dead at MCI-Norfolk?

i usually refrain from upping very old posts but today this one from january of 2011 drew an anonymous comment i have yet to be able to verify- and i tried all afternoon:

"Subject: Rosario
Rosario [Pedro A. "Tony",] is dead.He was found unconscious in MCI Norfolk at 9-40 am 0n 5th May 2012 and taken to hospital where he was declared dead and turned over to the medical examiner for autopsy.
His body was returned to the Dominican Republic where his family buried him."

"lovely on the water, posted 1/9/2011

in the 90s i lived in allston MA on brighton ave. it was life amid the transient, free ranging rage filled savages. drunken assholes from BC and BU flowed out of the plentiful bars at closing time, slapping their girlfriends, puking on the sidewalks, and very often beating the shit out of each other. my accidental apartment, high up above the street over looking the corner where women disappeared, last seen alive. the central building fire alarm was forever going off.

in 1995, orla benson, a student from ireland, was viciously raped and murdered a few blocks away , found in ringer park. the beast that killed her had previously been sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping, beating, and raping a woman, a crime to which he had pled guilty. he was released on probation inexplicably after serving only 2 years and change. while on probation, he kidnapped, beat and raped a woman at knife point. he was not sent back to jail. he committed an unarmed robbery in cambridge. his probation was not revoked. he was caught driving without a license. his probation was not revoked instead he was fined with community service which was fulfilled at a community center for teens. the city center did no background check and was unaware they had placed a sexual predator deemed by the courts to be at a 'high risk to re-offend' in charge of vulnerable young people. pedro 'tony' rosario was in fact a blossoming deadly sociopath about to take that leap from serial power assertive rapist to serial killer.

as explained by the useless tool boston stupidly keeps rechristening mayor, tom 'mumbles', menino, "We never thought we needed it [it being free background checks that could have in 7 days or less given the city a complete run down of rosario's long violent criminal record including all pending charges.]". as to the parole board's gross negligence in not following up on where their little rapist pet was working and why his having been fingered in a brutal sexual assault wasn't enough to stuff him back in the pokey for violation of his parole, then attorney general scott harshbarger 'could not be reached for comment'. the parole officer in charge of rosario's case could not comment because of 'privacy' concerns. the family of orla benson would later sue the parole board.

having done such a great job with the city's youth while slaving away serving out his community service, rosario would be given a recommendation from the city and an actual job with the parks and recreation department- overseeing another pool of potential teen victims. he then proceeded to rape a 15 year old special needs employee. again, his parole was not revoked. any of the crimes he was even just alleged to have committed- the robbery, the driving without a license, and the rapes- were enough to have sent him back to prison to be forced to serve out his previous 10 year sentence if any judge had a mind to do it. if this had been done, orla benson would be alive today. but this was in massachusetts, which doesn't even care enough about your children to ensure they are not placed in the care of serial rapists and child molesters. because that would be mean to the rapist who must be protected and kept out of jail at all costs, even the cost of other innocent lives.

orla benson was by all accounts a wonderful person who was about to graduate from college. she was in boston on a work visa, due to return to ireland days after her murder. after a night out with friends, she was last seen on the corner of brighton ave and allston street, right under my window, near the silhouette lounge which was on her way home. she was stabbed over 30 times, her throat slit. she had been savagely bitten. DNA and the bite marks would fit pedro rosario. in 2004, nearly 10 years after he was convicted of killing orla, his DNA would be further matched to 2 additional rapes in boston and brookline in 1990 and 1989 previous to the 1991 crime for which he had been on parole. seeing how rape is the most under reported of all crimes, there is no way of knowing how many women rosario violated before the death of orla benson finally stopped him.

pedro 'tony' roasrio is serving 2 life sentences for his brutal rape and murder of orla benson. he is currently in mci norfolk, a medium security prison. a whiny cowardly bitch as all such predators once caught prove to be, his lawyer at the time of the trial complained that " his client is 'scared to death' because he was ' threatened by some Irish nationals' at Old Colony House of Corrections"....

have at it boys. well done. here's hoping there are still some ' Irish nationals' with long memories in mci norfolk.

"My wish would be to exterminate this creature as one would put down a crazed animal." orla's brother, aaron benson.

several years later, rita hester would last be seen alive at the very same corner.

january 7th marked the beginning of egyptian new year, the birthday of the dreadful beloved Sekhmet, the Destroyer, who gives life eternal.

when the world became unspeakably evil, Sekhmet, an aspect of Hathor, was sent to destroy the evil humans. she raged ceaselessly. she was only stopped when the fields were flooded with beer tinted red which she mistook for the blood she craved.

oh, thou who lives on the water, goddess of judgement... so lovely on the water...

... justice is love. bring it forth."

the public relations and victim services departments of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections were closed for the day so i was unable to confirm what i think-considering where the comment came from- is true, he really is dead. neither "the boston globe" nor "the boston herald" noted his passing. one would think that inmate deaths while in custody should be of the utmost importance to the media and the public particularly in a commonwealth overseen by pro-criminal governor deval "i ♡ rapist-murderers" patrick ("shout out to Benjamin LaGuer, best pen pal forever <3<3!"). the mass dept of corrections is apparently under no obligations to make such information public and easily accessible unlike other states such as california. hack haven MA never has been much for accountability to the tax payers nor has it ever been much beholden to crime victims aka speed bumps the the road to freedom for the incarcerated.

and let me add that the site is a dead link graveyard - an all around hot mess and waste of time and you get to pay for it. if you're a citizen of Mass and need some answers or aid from your government-good luck. with a geocities template , an apple track pad, and a small pile of cat nip my mentally unstable siamese could create a more helpful, well designed site. when you click one of's many dead links they have the nerve to boast about how snappy their recently redesigned site is.

the only proof online i could find of the death of Pedro A. Rosario is that no longer lists him as an inmate in the state of massachusetts and this bit of obituary wherein the actual link has been disappeared or never existed in the first place:

i'll call tomorrow or try to prod people with far more juice than i have into ponying up more info. my nobody blog, probably viewed by 2 people on a good day, is one of the only sites google pops up in regard to the murder of Orla Benson and the criminal negligence of the state of massachusetts when it came to serial rapist pedro 'tony' rosario.

is this history- the ugly facts of serial predators and the disappearing of their victims from the dialogue about crime and punishment- hidden on purpose or do people really not care?