May 16th, 2012

someone left the moog out in the rain. i don't think that i can take it.

(but i want to.)

first morrissey was coming over and now this:

central square (but old 1980's central square before honkey suburbanized banal commodification . the gap. $tarfuck$.) and someone (who shall not be named) is loading all their synths and keyboards (in road cases, though) into a dumpster that's sitting on a flat bed truck.

after watching this for a bit, i go off to a dark dungeon of a kitchen where i supposedly work and make a sheet cake which i do not finish decorating. going home to sleep , i walk by a synth graveyard, where all the thrown out instruments are sitting forlornly, uncrated in the rain in an abandoned lot.

switched off bach:

the now sound of 1906:

the trautonium was invented in 1929. you can hear it in hitchcock's " the birds".

(translation click on cc):

it always just comes back to bach:

elizabeth warren- TELL THE TRUTH

i'm of the opinion that red liz, the big fat fraud, is never going to give it up-narcissistic personality disorder and all. white liberal scold privilege to lie like drunk sailors whenever the spirit or drift of their campaign moves them with that extra heaping helping of self-righteous twat ladled on the top. but here's an excellent response to lizzie's self-induced melt down from someone with documented cherokee heritage and active involvement in that family heritage.

from Twila Barnes: Thoughts From Polly's Granddaughter blog. all sorts of awesome.

"Are we suppose to believe that an elite lawyer knows nothing of the burden of proof?"