April 29th, 2012

satan was a lesbian (or a high strung tortoiseshell cat lady)

speaking of satan- was forced to drag raging bitch face from hell aka miss lucie to the vet (which requires about the same amount of planning and nearly as many able bodied men as d-day)because her prescription expired. this sent the week into a spin of fail because after i placed the order the pharmacy neglected to tell me that the vet denied a refill . apparently i was required by law to be jacked for a few bucks for an appointment before the medicine my cat needs to keep from being in pain could be sent out. oh they said they called but they're such liars.

it's fucking cat steroids (in a no doubt repugnant fish flavored base) not crack cocaine for fucks sake and the vet acted like i was trying to open my own pharmacy to provide down and out street kittens with illicit substances. yeah, doctor, even though prednisolone cannot be used to make crystal meth that's exactly what miss kitty was doing with it to fund her international terror network. or maybe she's selling it down at the gym. mmm fish flavors. yum.

miss tiger thing has a non life threatening immune disorder she will probably have for the rest of her life. me being forced to drag her angry ass into the vet for a 5 minute look see is absurd- and it freaks her out too much and i don't particularly like rivers of my blood flowing from all the places she's going to scratch me as i try to get her in the carrier. medicating her is traumatic enough for both of us. removing her from her lair... well, someone is going to pay for it...and that would be me.

here's the little darling probably licking my blood from her luxurious fur:

so as threatened here's minimal man's "face of satan" which i rediscovered in my continuing Sisyphean attempt to organize my records. maybe soon manapsara-which, of course, i can't find and haven't come across yet.