October 31st, 2011

racine county( wisconsin) jane doe

"By doggedly combing through state and federal computer files and aggressively filing state Freedom of Information Act requests with local police departments, Scripps Howard News Service (SHNS) reporter Thomas Hargrove created a database of 185,000 unsolved murders committed since 1980. Crime experts say it is the most complete accounting of homicide victims ever assembled in the United States.
A search of that database turned up alarming clusters of unsolved killings of women across the nation that strongly suggest the work of serial killers. The SHNS study focused on communities where police failed to solve at least three-quarters of murders of women of similar age killed by similar methods. The reason for singling out women in the study is that they represent 70 percent of all known serial murder victims.
The search turned up 161 clusters in which 1,247 murdered women met the criteria."

-"Editorial: FBI, police should mine databases to find serial killers",By Dale McFeatters, Scripps Howard News Service 03/02/2011.

the bodies of serial murder victims are often found in the same sorts of places- the woods, areas where people legally and illegally dump trash- even dumpsters and recycling bins, scattered by the sides of highways. in reality and fiction, the criminals who commit these offenses often opine how they were 'tossing out the garbage' because, of course, female sexuality and the use of a female sexually is far more disgusting, dirty, and vile than viciously slaughtering a human being for no reason but to fulfill a lust-raping the meaning and essence out of another person to fill the void that is the sociopath, a blighted wasteland of nothing but overflowing rage and hate . it's all projection- the killer is the real trash of our world, useless and destructive, festering with psychological disease, best removed from society. he is bathed in the misogyny born out of the sanctified malignant sociopathic narcissism of male dominance. he is the one that needs to be destroyed, stamped out of being, and thrown on the cleansing fires of redemption, sacrificed so others might live. we can only be redeemed by rejecting the ideologies , really pathologies, that create rapists, serial killers and men who abuse, control and kill the women they are intimate with. they all bloom forth from the same fount-our universal denigration of the female sex, the ultimate rejection of She who created us. we're drowning in our hatred of the female and we chose to celebrate the disaster rather than saving ourselves and our daughters. we'd rather glut all our senses with eroticized violence against women than save a Racine County Jane Doe from a torturous, cruel S/M driven death. we'd rather get off than stop upholding power inequity as the core and driving force of sexuality as well as life itself.

racine county jane doe is a particularly troubling case due to the savagery of her murder and the inability, after so many years, to supply her with the simple dignity of having a name. what was done to her was right out of what may as well be the official serial murderer DIY handbook-"120 days of sodom". the marquis de sade couldn't have scripted a more distilled, rabid hatred of the female sex as taken out on the body of one woman:

"The victim had been tortured for up to 4 weeks before her death.

She had been burned on more than 25% of her body: head, face, neck arms and upper torso. The burns were in various stages of healing.

She had been severely beaten, possibly with a blunt instrument. Her left ear was deformed as a result of the beating. She had received blunt force injury to the head, chest, abdomen, wrists, hands and fingers. Her nose was broken.

The woman was also cut on the head and on her body, was sexually assaulted and starved.

The abuse apparently escalated in the last three to five days before her body was discovered.

She had many untreated open wounds who participated to her death.

Her cause of death was multiple homicidal injuries."

racine county jane doe was discovered july 21, 1999 in a cornfield near a highway by a man walking his dog- a route he walked daily. law enforcement noted that it was not the first time a body had been found off this highway, usually the work of out of state criminals. even though jane doe was undoubtably not from the area and had been murdered elsewhere, the rightly horrified local citizens generously paid for and attended her funeral and burial. the detectives who worked on her case seem genuinely devastated that they couldn't give her a name and bring her murderer(s)to justice. they were overwhelmed by the circumstances of her death as it indicates a dangerous,predatory sociopath capable of anything has gotten away with an unspeakably cruel but sadly not so unusual crime. another young woman, eventually identified as amber gail creek, had been found in racine county in february of 1997. amber's face was beaten into disfigurement. she had been raped , suffocated to death, and then her body was posed in a gratuitous and obscene manner. she was not identified until over a year after she was discovered murdered. like shannon aumock, amber creek was a ward of child protective services who had run away but had not been reported missing. the homicide of amber creek, dumped in a wooded area, remains unsolved. she is buried in the same cemetery as racine county jane doe.

racine county jane doe's finger prints, dentals and DNA are all entered in the appropriate databases. over 1,400 missing females have been checked against her profile. i have seen her estimated age range fluctuate wildly from as young as 13 to as old as 40 but she is generally accepted as being around 18 years old. her eye color is unknown and the computer generated image here was heavily doctored- she had been grotesquely beaten,cut, and burned around the head and face. she remains unidentified, her killer unknown after 12 years.

both racine county jane doe and amber creek could easily have been killed by strangers- by serial killers, for instance. however, most female homicide victims- around 64%- are killed by a family member or someone they know. men are more likely to be killed by a stranger. when husbands, boyfriends, fathers and lovers can so wantonly take someone's life, why the extra shock, attention, and awe when a stranger does so? children and women are filled with media,fairy tale manufactured fears of being abducted and brutalized by near supernatural, unknown boogiemen when they should rather be informed about the dangers they are more apt to face in their own homes at the hands of those with whom they are willingly intimate or to whom they are consanguineous relations. it has been speculated that racine county jane doe, who may have had a cognitive disability, was killed by her guardians thus never reported missing.amber creek was last seen alive at a raging days long party with friends at a hotel. she was only 14 years old.

no matter who murdered racine county jane doe, however, her dead body stands as a depraved homage to the eroticization of power expressed as violence resulting in the complete dehumanization of a person. jane doe was killed by S/M. jane doe was killed by our seething, all devouring hatred of the female tied intimately as it is with violent, degrading, power saturated sex. the marquis de sade is often championed as the greatest avatar of freedom but in his novels freedom is only equated with male aristocrats( the 1% in common emobrat parlance) like himself doing whatever they want to females, including torturing and killing them en masse, because that is what the female was born for and what the male was born to do. liberation =raping and murdering women=freedom.

in real life, de sade was accused of raping, poisoning, and torturing prostitutes and serving girls-just another aristocrat using and abusing the underclasses but still curiously seen as a revolutionary against the oppression of the individual man. it is in itself an oddity that charges were actually brought against a man of his elevated social position which points to the seriousness of his depredations. de sade wasn't an insightful philosopher or a snazzy, heroic libertine. he's a pretty crappy blow hard of a writer. he was a run of the mill sociopath with a pen, demanding his noblesse inbred to the manner born rights and powers stay in full effect at the height of the french revolution's attempt to tear down the oppressive institutions of the church,state,and the hereditary hierarchy.he was just pissed that the rest of the nobels dared to toss his psychotic ass in jail and the looney bin. like most men in power, he was an opportunist. the thrust of citizen sade's revolt against 'the man' was asserting his own rights to do as he willed to those with much less power and privilege than he had- the poor and women. and nothing is more oppressive and murderous still in our society than the conspiracy of church and state to keep women as objects for men to do with what they will. de sade didn't hate god and state. like all serial killers and sexual sadists, he wanted to be god, his own fascist sexual regime over all women who should "belong to all who claim [them]". the tyranny of the individual is no better than the tyranny of the state. yet even some dubious feminists with their heads up their asses seem to think he was writing about the power of the state and church over the individual rather than whacking off about whipping, sodomizing and killing women. and so the subjugation and destruction of those outside the power structure of a society by a fucking marquis is somehow a metaphor for liberation, a satire if you will. and i see the #OWS male white drones are keeping up on that raping tip showing progressive leftists haven't changed much since the late 1700s.

racine county jane doe died for our sins, sins that are so engrained into our culture that they've been made into the virtues both of the godly and the godless.good women submit to men as if the human male was god himself. certain religions define legally what it is to be human and worthy of rights. ted bundy represents the pinnacle of human liberation from the shackles of societal convention and moralistic oppression because lots of dead violated female bodies are always a most obvious metaphor for the triumph of free speech and expression, the triumph of the individual male, a demon-god unto himself.

we don't need a revolution. we need an exorcism.

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