August 21st, 2011

a tab a day keeps the doctor away

ecstasy cures the cancer! jack the fucking tab!

"Scientists have known for years that the nightclubbers' drug, Ecstasy, as well as, other psychotropic drugs suppress the growth of over half of all white blood cancer cells.

New research proves that Ecstasy may kill some cancer cells, but scientists have increased its effectiveness 100-fold, they noted in the journal, "Investigational New Drugs."

BBC News reports, one variant increased cancer-fighting effectiveness 100-fold, meaning if 100 grams of un-modified ecstasy was needed to get the desired effect, only one gram of the modified ecstasy would be needed to have the same effect."

Jocelyn Enriquez - A Little Bit of Ecstasy (Booker T Dub)

understand this groove/ sound factory

daddy dearest was involved in the original trade of MDMA into the states (via canada. vive le québec libre!)


sleezy d- i've lost control

fingers inc/ can you feel it?

you used to hold me/ ralphi roasrio ft. xavier gold( although for me this a special k and X song)

i'll be your friend (oakenfold mix)/ robert owens

moby/ go! (rainforest mix)

mk/ burning