August 16th, 2011

propagandist to Glorious Leader bitch smacked in denmark:" go home yankee hipster!"

oh, how the Glorious Revolution of Dear Leader has come to such a sorry , sad, and pathetic place. even the court propagandist aka "artist" is not safe from the beat down and blow back.

"Shepard Fairey beaten up after spat over controversial Danish mural

...Last weekend, Fairey – creator of the famous "Hope" poster that came to encapsulate Obama's 2008 presidential campaign – was beaten up after the opening of his exhibition at a Copenhagen gallery.

According to reports, 41-year-old Fairey and his colleague Romeo Trinidad were punched and kicked by at least two men outside the Kodboderne 18 nightclub in the early hours of last Saturday morning. Fairey claims the men called him "Obama illuminati" and ordered him to "go back to America".

The LA-based artist believes the attack was sparked by a misunderstanding over his mural commemorating the demolition of the legendary 'Ungdomshuset' (youth house) at Jagtvej 69. The building, a long-term base for Copenhagen's leftwing community, was controversially demolished in 2007. In the intervening years it has become a potent symbol of the standoff between the establishment in Copenhagen and its radical fringe.

Fairey's installation, painted on a building adjacent to the vacant site, depicted a dove in flight above the word 'peace' and the figure '69'. But the mural appeared to reopen old wounds, with critics accusing Fairey of peddling government-funded propaganda."

" Obama illuminati?" but, but i thought europe and in fact the entire world loved barack obama whose election would instantly put things right after the many years of the universally hated bush reich? what, oh, what has gone wrong that overly eager professional Photoshoppers for Hope & Change are so loathed, so misunderstood?

"whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Within a day of completion, the mural was vandalised by protesters, with graffiti sending messages of "no peace" and "go home, Yankee hipster". Fairey subsequently collaborated with former members of the 69 youth house to redecorate the lower half of the installation. His new version contains images of riot police and explosions, together with a new, more combative slogan:'Nothing forgotten, nothing forgiven'."

mmmm. reinvention, the sniveling, craven daughter of mendacity. guess it didn't work, Yankee hipster. i'm curious as to how that reinvention theatre of the absurd will work when obama is finally revealed for the fraud he has always been and your position as Most Intangibly Inspired Dick Holder will be, uh, depreciated and exposed to more widespread resentment.

"Fairey's work now hangs in the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These days, he admitted, he has grown used to defending himself against accusations of selling out. 'I think there are a lot of people who think that if you've done well, you've done a deal with the devil,' he said."

it's worse than that, worse than dealing with the devil. you used your alleged ' art' to promote a freedom killing, race hustling fascist whose lack of any achievements, lack of any concrete confirmable biography, and insidious associations with bomb making radicals and anti-semitic, anti-gay, racist clergymen was all downplayed and outright hidden because people like you, shepard fairey, were too busy jacking off to a big pile of smeg obscuring the actual man and his actual intentions. you helped manufacture a fiction, creating a delusional mythology based on nothing and lies, promoted through media manipulation.

falsely you assume people do not like you or your advertisements/art because they are envious of your wealth and talent. i assure you some of us simply do not find worth in your product and see it for what it is: propaganda for the establishment ruling class to cement its' power over the individual and his or her rights. getting paid for having willfully promoted totalitarianism ,whether it be right or left wing, is in every sense a deal done with evil. pay back time. and while i do not condone violence, boasting about how jealous people are of you and your blood money just makes you sound like a snotty self absorbed bitch. people lost their home- it makes them a little pissed off when the well heeled dandy about, candy asses in the politics of the real despair of others.

"The artist said he had not filed a police report following the attack in Copenhagen. 'I did not know any of the people or get a great look at them, so it seemed pointless,' he said.

'I'm not a huge fan of the cops anyway. The only thing I could see coming out of it was further media commentary like 'street artist whiner Shepard Fairey can't hold it down in a fight so he snitches to the cops'."

how radical- not being a 'huge fan' of the cops. what a man of the people. we downtrodden really appreciate your hipster retro '60's insight. yes, the anarchists probably reassessed their opinion of you after that pronouncement of solidarity. poor things-they lost their home and didn't have the where withall to create a poster of a presidential candidate to propel them into another tax bracket.

(and as an aside i never fucking liked that "obey" shit. even andre the giant, immense enough to make the most hateful violent scrawny anarchist blanche, would have wanted to have at you banking off him as shamelessly as you have. stelling other people's photos and other people's images- they are there for you to exploit to your own advantage as if by right which pretty much sums up you as well as the subject of your very famous faux agitprop propaganda masterpiece.)

if one of the have nots touched some of your expensive shit or invaded your home i bet you'd be loving you some cops.

i like the cops more than i like the media-to whom you did snitch. nowadays it's easier to find an honest police officer than an honest main stream reporter. you did indeed whine like a bitch to the media 'hos to amplify your situation and get as much attention as possible to the impossible plight of the put upon, sensitive, misunderstood, creative, successful, and wildly talented soul set adrift among the angry and envious unsuccessful louts.

so now you're a famous rich artist with your little 'shopped pics all about and obama is president and we're all going to hell in a flaming fucking basket of FAIL. one white artist gets a lifetime job while 50% of black teenagers are unemployed. total black unemployment in some major metropolitan areas is as high as 25.7% under your hope/change messiah. guess you sold out at just the most propitious moment. to think of it, is it exactly selling out when one's art is really simply advertisement for oneself or for some broke down retread 1960's radical hack politician/king?

product placement- that's what you do and selling is rather the point of it . intrinsically, there's no shame in it as long as one doesn't cry and moan and whinge under the facade that it is anything else but commerce, the selling of a personality cult to media saturated zombies who seem to mostly not want to think for themselves. and when some of them do think for themselves and object to you mucking about in their tragedy , putting on airs about your non existent artistic integrity and faux empathy for their political and social struggles, do not be surprised if it gets real ugly real fast. they're not the ones who misunderstand you-it is quite the other way around.