August 14th, 2011

festival of the hungry ghosts

"This is the realm[that of the ' hungry ghosts' within the 6 realm's of existence] of intense craving. The Hungry Ghosts are shown with enormous stomachs and tiny necks - they want to eat, but cannot swallow; when they try to drink. the liquid turns to fire, intensifying their thirst. The torture of the hungry ghost is not so much the frustration of not being able to get what he wants. rather it is his clinging to those things he mistakenly thinks will bring satisfaction and relief. The Buddha in this Realm holds a Bowl from which the 'gifts of the gods' are distributed. This is to entice the hungry ghosts to desire for the Truth which is the only way that the deepest longings and hungers can be satisfied.
Consider:...The obsessive nature of Video Games; Addictions of various sorts; We can be helped in this Realm by our willingness to 'look up', to see beyond our obsessions."

think of it as chinese/ asian day of the dead or european based halloween. and don't wear red. get drunk at your own peril. you want to pity them, pray for them not attract them with your own addictions and lusts.

what do you want? what do you really need? what are you doing over and over and why? is the result always the same, always unsatisfying?

do you really want to be a hungry ghost in life and death?