August 12th, 2011

"little sure shot" is " rifle nice"

happy birthday annie oakley née phoebe ann mosey born august 13 1860 to quaker parents in ohio. when her father died, oakley, only a child, provided for her family through her hunting and trapping skills.her sharp shooting act was so wildly popular that any female shooter in the country was usually billed as "an annie oakely". even into her 60's she was a crack shot, seeming to get better with age. she famously knocked the ash off a cigarette in the hand of kaiser wilhelm II.

she is thought to have trained thousands of women to skillfully handle a gun not in order to be circus spectacles but because she felt women needed to know how to protect and defend themselves.

oakley championed the cause of women in combat, offering a troop of self arming and supporting female sharpshooters to president mckinley in case of war with spain.

annie oakley died in 1926.

she's our "historical honey":

because you can't necessarily get a man with a gun but why not at least try: