August 5th, 2011

hardcore rules, don't be stupid/ hardcore rules, don't be an asshole

it's been a very long time- a lifetime ago- since someone plied me with boat loads of beer and took me to a hardcore show. yeah, a motherblankin' hardcore show. at the fucking roxy, the candy ass roxy.

that was so high school which was eons ago, almost prehistory, and it would have been the rat or the channel or the living room. the fucking roxy which is now apparently called royale or roxyplex.

these are my home slices- i've known their touring drummer since he was a little kid- i worked for his mom when she was pregnant with him. the guitarist nevada is a great guy.

the main act vanna ripped the roxy a new one:

that was now this is then- cheers!

ss decontrol/ get it away

minor threat/ guilty of being white

a million dead cops/ john wayne was a nazi

negative f/x/nightstick justice

another band where a friend was the drummer and like vanna the rarest commodity- a hardcore band with a female member:

the proletariat/ tell me the options

a cheerful little timely ditty:

crucifux/ hinkley had a vision

and i even got a t-shirt and didn't wake up with a nasty banging hangover.