June 2nd, 2011

Sumer Is Icumen In

one of the oldest know songs in the english language- circa 1260- and oldest extant example of counterpoint.

it's officially summer when the cats make me drag the a/c up out of the basement- i just can't stand all the sulking, sighing, and grouchiness that ensues when pussy gets too darn hot. plus the surreal fucked up air pressure from our tornado making weather did not help( and yes we do get tornadoes and earth quakes here and it has nothing to do with ' global warming' or whatever the fuck its being called today. the climate always changes and did so even before there was human life here. it rained for millions of years when the earth was being formed. and there's not a thing man can do about it.)

nothing really says summer like bitchy sweltering calico/tortie cats,pretty flowers moist with dew,and singing psychotic prairie dogs.