April 24th, 2011


smurfette ( the blue & white g3) is totally bringing me down. no browser really works well with it although i can tell she's desperately trying to keep up. would have to upgrade the OS to get slightly respectable performance and that's 100 bucks that's just not worth it for an outrageously outdated system found in the trash i am using only out of desperation because It That Shall Not Be Named decided to pass beyond the veil so dramatically. the itouch is just too small to use without great annoyance and the WII annoys me as well- it's flighty and makes bubbly trilling noises that makes my skin crawl. i need a frigging keyboard.

i already lost one lj post due to youtube crashing older versions of safari( flash fuckery no doubt- even though i updated the plug ins)and i have no access to the back ups of It because i can't even boot another source. so my music, my photos and apps are all silently waiting for an external enclosure and a new computer.

the new imacs are suppose to drop any day now with supercomputer like speeds and all sorts of shiny crazy bling but i am not sure i can hold out...i already made the girls a homebrew scratching pad out of old cardboard. next i 'll be knitting them sweaters...

... out of their own FUR.

must. have. computer.