March 19th, 2011

Viva! Satana!

well well ver-fucking-izon, when you knocked out my interwebs for the month of february it made it so a missed the passing of screen goddess and major symbol of femme super woman male ass kicker Tura Satana who died Feb 4 from apparent heart failure. "faster pussy cat kill kill"- what more is there to say?

and i mean ass kicker in real life not just in a film. she was ganged raped when she was only 9. because of this she studied martial arts and went on to beat the crap out of each of them separately.

i have this awful feeling this year is going to suck for the deaths it will bring.

we love you tura. you should be made the patron saint of anyone who has been raped and any woman who is both feminine and physically, emotionally strong.