March 14th, 2011

animal rescue japan

help animals after this terrible disaster. the japanese are known for their great fondness in particular for cats and we know how my girls feel about that.

tortie art. half goes to Animal Refuge Kansai in japan( thanks to tortielove ):

direct help to japan for rescue on the ground. takes paypal:

the paypal account page is in japanese but if you enter an amount( 4000 yen= around 50$) , total it and then put in your account information you are brought to an english page and complete a form you can understand and the amount in USA dollars.( also some of the page is translated if you hit the drop down link in the upper right hand corner.) this rescue, ARK( animal refuge kansai), is in the forefront now of preparing to accept and rescue animals- so they're in the thick of it.

how much crack can you really smoke? you don't need an ipad- fuck apple. think of the kittehs...