January 12th, 2011

you are not awake. you are sleeping!

how the fuck did i miss this?

"It's impossible to overstate the influence of Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, who died in his sleep yesterday, aged just 55. "


"Throbbing Gristle bandmates Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter tweeted: 'Our dearest beautiful Sleazy left this mortal coil as he slept in peace last night. words cannot express our grief.'"

fuck fuck fuck! there would be no industrial music if it wasn't for peter christopherson. but you actually have to know what industrial music is and is not to realize just how influential he was. oh the good old bad dark days when you could mix in chunks of ' how to destroy angels'... blowing everyone's mind and taking them some place far away inside themselves instead of dropping shitty pop rap tunes , thinking oneself filled to the gills with cool detached irony. oh, witty motherfucker you.

so much dark beauty. we of course lost jon balance in 2004.

i find it impossible to describe how important throbbing gristle and coil were sonically, spiritually. oh, the places we went both high and low. i hear a smidge of 'horse rovtorvator' and it throws me instantly back in time so perfectly, so accurately so completely i can smell my then roommate's patchouli oil.

remember the first time you heard 'hamburger lady'? good times! 1978. it was 1978. a future unfolded no one recognized as insanely advanced until decades after it fell into the past, forgotten so totsickels could ohh and ahh over disco bands like vnv nation and think trent reznor a fucking genius who did anything whatsoever original.

it's the dark adapted eye and sleeping on the bed of swords that get you the sweetness - the sweet crushing beauty of awareness.

dropping like flies, appearing like ghosts

apparently i have been living under the cone of silence the last few months- everything has escaped me. mick karn born Antony Michaelides in cyprus, the bass player for Japan, as well as a slew of others, died only 52 years old from advanced cancer. japan is another one of the groups that just seems forgotten today. my very best friend in junior high- ok, my only friend- was a huge japan fan at a time when our generation was taken with stadium rock and bands like reo speedwagon or were smoking pot in the bathroom , writing led zeppelin lyrics on the stall walls. new wave hadn't quite made the charts- thankfully because it makes the charts and it tends to get absolutely ruined whatever it is. at this time new wave still meant fag.

karn was an exceptional bass player and he looked absolutely perfect for the times. here he is playing bass for kate bush. there is a wardrobe malfunction, so keep an eye peeled...

not popular, this and the work of throbbing gristle and coil - that was the soundtrack to my life and the lives of my friends then. maybe it's just i am so shocked to find so much time has passed and i was not paying attention. the past is haunted and haunting. there's time for a kiss but no time for regrets so don't.