December 21st, 2010

obama seeks control of internet illegally without required congressional approval

the chairman of the FFC is threatening to do something only congress has the power to do: redefine what the internet is and regulate its content i.e. regulate you and your first amendment right to free speech. this is ironically now called ' open internet', previously known by the fanciful name ' net neutrality'- that is the government will regulate internet content to make it equally representative of everyone in the universe even if it means curbing the expression of some and curtailing their access to the interwebs. net neutrality is newspeak- fucked up 1984-esque terminology meaning government censorship is the new freedom of speech, denial of access the new freedom of access.

google is largely for net neutrality which should tell you all you need to know about it. google is still busy violating the privacy of americans willy nilly so you know they care about the rights of the individual vis a vis the internet. they're now being investigated by the state of Conn. for harvesting your private data via the google maps government surveillance storm trooper camera cars.

the fcc chairman is an obama appointee carrying out Black Jesus's vision and desires. the unelected douche bags on the ' commission' of this hack are going to ' vote' on the FCC( themselves) taking over the entire bloody internet. the FCC is going to vote to take over an entire industry and the content of those who use the services provided by this industry. the FCC was already warned in court by a judge that the FCC has no authority to grant itself sweeping regulatory power. that is reserved by the Constitution solely to the Congress. but who needs to obey the law when you're doing the biding of democrats and barack ' barry' hussein obama. and you thought the patriot act sucked and was created by nazis.

among those opposed to this power hungry ass raping of the citizens are the people that are constantly labeled nazis and right wing extremists bent on silencing citizens and marching them off to death camps- namely the sitting republican congress people, sarah palin, and members of the Tea Party especially those who will be seated in january as a new congress takes power, ending the reign of queen san fran nan and the most destructive and autocratic congress in our history.

people like dave farber, brahm cohen( author of bittorrent protocol), and tcp inventor bob kahn are opposed to 'net neutrality' but they are only technical experts in the interwebbiness unlike supporter moby who is after all a bald vegan pussy .

mitch mcconnell is kind of a useless lame bitch but is the republican senate minority leader and is finally slapping back at the hope and change cuntbaggery of barack obama: