November 6th, 2010

"The voice called, and I went. I went, because the voice called."

in march 1944, hannah szenes, a hungarian jew and member of the british special forces, was parachuted into yugoslavia headed for hungary to help build up resistance to the nazis and to aid in freeing captured allied airmen. hungary had, however, fallen to the nazis. her male counterparts aborted the mission. hannah continued on. she was captured by hungarian forces while making her way to budapest. in a gestapo prison she was tortured to extract information. the germans dragged her mother in and threaten her as well. hannah never gave in. she was tried for treason and executed by firing squad on november 7, 1944. she was only 23.

hannah szenes( also spelled senesh) was officially exonerated by hungary in the early 1990s. her remains were brought to israel and buried in jerusalem. today she is best remembered as the author of popular songs and poems such as "eli eli" which is sung across the globe on holocaust memorial day.