October 21st, 2010

typical girls say björn (ABBA) is a twat

Ari Up ( born ariane forster jan 17, 1962 in germany) from the slits died yesterday as a result of complications from untreated cancer( according to the typicalgirls listserver).the slits were an all woman band- the most prominent one in the first wave of punk. her stepmother nora is married to john lydon aka johnny rotten.

i was never particularly fond of the slits's music but rather of what they were doing as females in the (still) nearly completely male dominated world of rock music. ari up's parroting of reggae and dub culture while of course heartfelt and genuine is rather ironic from a feminist perspective . but it also underscores the importance of jamaican culture to english punk rock- something alien to the american development of punk. the first bars to have punk rockers play and to cater to them as patrons were reggae and dub bars at a time when severe race riots were happening in england. much of the output of the clash sounds like and is white boys trying to cut a dub side and failing; instead coming up with their own thing.the girls, the slits, were among the only white players capable of replicating the music accurately and sympathetically.

palmolive the drummer of the slits is a born again christian who lives here in MA.

björn is a twat!