September 19th, 2010

hot on the heels of________

this was released in 1986 by new jersey cassette culture pioneers SMERSH. this has late 89 through late 90's painted all over it.

SMERSH/ Hunter Killer

but they weren't cool nor nihilistic not gear laden enough and they lived in NJ. they do not look the way they are suppose to look to create this sort of music- no goggles. no black leather. no interesting hair dos. no fetish gear. this is better than headhunter ( 1988)or anything released in the post apocalypse steal-a-thon that was late 90s early 2000'industrial'.1986.

every monday they would get together and write and record songs- than that was it. they never played out, never played the songs again. just released heaps of cassettes. we played hunter killer in the late 80s for industrial night- dubbed off of a crappy cassette.

one of the 2 main members of SMERSH, chris sheperd, died from complications of cystic fibrosis in 1995.mike mangino still records and has his own record label occasionally re- releasing SMERSH cassette material on cd-r.

speaking of fucking jive ass electroclash or whatever fucked up name it goes by now- 1979 throbbing gristle/ hot on the heels of love-

(and they love ABBA by the way)