August 27th, 2010

love can be like bondage/ seduce me once again

rarely do i find covers of songs that were great or good to begin with acceptable. they usually just suck or sound like karaoke versions- so close to the original that what is the point. i even notice when artists remake their songs and really shouldn't have . it annoys me. the psychedelic fur's original 'pretty in pink', released long before the soundtrack of the movie with the same name, is superior in every way. the remake 4 years later is a disaster, it's edge worn completely off, pointing to the sad state of ' new wave' once it broke into the popular culture from the underground.

the inside of bars used to always look like that video: fake greek pillars, checkerboard floors, mannequins in distress with good music playing.

lately, i have been quite taken with a remake of a lords of the new church song. it's actually better than the original which is odd because it's by a band purposely set up to be ironic and somewhat flippant: nouvelle vague. have a french girl sing old punk and new wave hits in heavily accented english that sometimes slips into oddly mistranslated words with a swinging cocktail hour jazzy accompaniment.

then, if that's not enough, someone went and synced the nouvelle vague version with an old french new wave film and made it even more fucking incredible.

ritual fertility!

previously ,i was going to just post a string of pussy jokes through music but i get seduced and obsessed so easily. and therefore you get a pagan love song. or two.