July 10th, 2010

boum badaboum

last night i dreamed i was sitting around with ella fitzgerald. we were drinking coffee or some such- just sitting there. i kept thinking- i really like this person. she was honored by 2 republican sitting presidents- first the national medal of art from reagan then the presidential medal of freedom from george hw bush.

in the mid 80s a bunch of us ghey goths went to a stupid ass house party in allston of the normal college types, friends of someone's co-workers. no one would go near us- every room we went into everyone would instantly leave. and we were on our best 'company is over' behavior too. so we went into the room with the record player in it and decided to take over the djing. (lord, how many nights have you wanted to do that at gun point in a club?). of course, they had craptastic taste and there was nothing worth hearing until we came across this:

... and we danced to it. they just stood in the doorway of the room staring at us in smirky horror.

ella was greatly influenced by connee boswell of the boswell sisters- she tried to sound just like her when first learning to sing. my own grandmother who adored singing seems to have learned by listening to connee too. along with 'cry me a river', 'blue moon' was my grandmother's song.

the ella fitzgerald foundation is colorblind unlike our current president, the DOJ, and the democrat party.


things are just getting sick and crazy. officially, i think i am in hiding, exile in plain sight. i wish i could go go dance, anything, to forget but it's just too darn hot.

i got the heebie jeebies bad and that ain't good.

and it's the bilingual heebie jeebies. my mother had that top. i've decided this just might be the drag routine i was born to recreate:

next stop, eurovision?

boum. boum.