July 1st, 2010


kill kill switch

the democrat controlled congress wants to give king barry obama the power to, without the consent of congress ie the consent of the governed, shut down your access to the internet for up to 'only' 4 months if he decides there's an 'emergency'. if george w. bush had proposed and desired congress to pass such a bill the screams of 'Hitler!' and 'Fascist!' would be deafening.

there's not one word about the so called 'kill switch bill' that is out of committee and on the senate floor for a vote on any of the sites that allegedly defend ' internet civil rights' like the EEF. chirp chirp crickets time. they're too busy defending your right to steal copyrighted material and launch libelous attacks anonymously. one would think they'd be concerned about a law that allowed the president of his own accord to force providers to turn off access to the internet for 4 fucking months on citizens.


i guess it's ok for a black colored democrat fascist to fist fuck your rights out of you- as long as he's not white christian and a republican it can't possibly be a bad thing. why don't we just elect barry dictator for life while we're at it?

so if you can't live without facebook and can't go a minute without tweeting maybe call your senator and tell the stupid bitch to kill this fucking bill. wake up before it's too late.