June 17th, 2010

The Niceness

sometimes you score, sometimes there's nothing and sometimes, damn, the disco goddess rains her love and favor all over you:

maceo and the macks/ cross the tracks. fuck. all i can say is fuck...

i can't help it. i love the freestyle and hi-nrg- they are part of the basis for all modern dance music, incorporating the programming and machines that would come to be universally associated with all commercially viable club music- before female vocals were mercilessly excised and the teutonic death stomp of passive- aggressive males who seemed scared of women was all that could be heard through out the land. i like the way these songs are put together, catchy and insistent. it's the free style of nyc that gave us new order's emergence as the archetype of the post post modern white alternative dance sound.thank you arthur baker.

trinere/ they're playing our song

search/ peanut butter and jam

michael henderson/ we are here to geek you up ( no seriously that's what it says: geek you up)

pose on your lp with a baseball bat. wear your backpack in your video.uh. produced by luther campbell

home team/ pick it up

this made a great impression on me when i was quite young- my uncle used to play it constantly. this was the beginning of disco when it was so so magical and wonderful and yet became so horrible. 1976 giorgio moroder. and people dancing so fine and sexy. donna is dressed like miss marilyn on the back.
i get lost in this song and cant find my way out.
donna summer/ spring affair

i love this woman's voice. motown apparently didnt promote it or her and it's got prince all over it. it's misogyny. if you're not some skinny ass bitch who acts like a fucking whore with no respect for herself- that's who our culture elevates. fuck that.

rosie gaines/ i want u

and every haul is made all the more dark and mystical when it contains something from technodrone international ie zyx or any belgian label of the late 80s. a little cloud of gothic industrial doom makes it's way to you through the disco sunshine.

danse macabre/ spirit of bulgaria