May 19th, 2010

apocalypse then: the dark day; apocalypse now: the day of hatred

'Twas on a May-day of the far old year
Seventeen hundred eighty, that there fell
Over the bloom and sweet life of the Spring
Over the fresh earth and the heaven of noon,
A horror of great darkness, like the night
In day of which the Norland sagas tell,
The Twilight of the Gods. The low-hung sky
Was black with ominous clouds, save where its rim
Was fringed with a dull glow, like that which climbs
The crater's sides from the red hell below.
Birds ceased to sing, and all the barnyard fowls
Roosted; the cattle at the pasture bars
Lowed, and looked homeward; bats on leathern wings
Flitted abroad; the sounds of labor died;
Men prayed, and women wept; all ears grew sharp
To hear the doom-blast of the trumpet shatter
The black sky, that the dreadful face of Christ
Might look from the rent clouds, not as He looked
A loving guest at Bethany, but stern
As Justice and inexorable Law."- john greenleaf whittier, "abraham davenport".

on this day in 1780 clouds of smoke from what has been determined to be a forest fire descended on new england causing it to be pitch black at noon. the end times were neigh. and here we still are.

it is also brother malcolm X's birthday. one of his assassins was just released from jail- with hardly any protest or media coverage for that matter. the assassins of very important white men of the 60s are still in jail never to be released. our dear leader is associated with current and former members of the nation of islam who are universally regarded as responsible for malcolm's death.there have been no cries of racism for releasing someone found responsible for the premeditated murder of one of the most influential black americans in all our history- and one of the most prominent american muslims ever. bobby kennedy's assassin is still in jail.

happy unbirthday pol pot- communist architect of the cambodian genocide- just the sort of socialist dear leader would bow to- a mass murdering sadist- the only type of ruler barky obama seems to have any respect for. communist regimes are responsible for more deaths and actual genocides than any other entity and all the modern wars combined- why not give them the props they deserve? pol pot was specifically trying to created a maoist communist state. he started by killing off or deporting to the farms all educated urban dwellers. he murdered 1.5 million cambodians in the process of schooling people about how they can have too much information in their heads and how they can make too much money.

this is the second year the obama administration has refused to recognize the armenian genocide at the hands of muslim turks. but tea party participating americans are nazis, brown shirts, and violent racist thugs- a threat to humanity and democracy for speaking out and not supporting the unicorns and rainbows socialist regime of hope and change. quit your job if you have one and take up macrame- aunt nancy is going to pay for your health care whether you want it or word yet as to how you'll pay your rent.

today is the unbirtday of ataturk, turkey's first president, the man who outlawed the Sufis, islam's hidden goddess worshiping, love espousing sect. sufi's do not care whether you are muslim or not. sufis do not care if you worship or live as they do. sufi's belive in love and whirl in harmony.

in cambodia a Day of Hatred ( loosely translated- more like Day of Maintaining Rage)was/is celebrated on may 20th to recall the pol pot communist genocide. his party the khmer rouge still exists and sometimes the day of rage would be called off officially because the powers that be wanted to include the hateful murderous communist thugs in the politics of the nation. where is the fucking outrage? where is the american president who will finally say communism is evil, islamic theocratic regimes are evil, genocide is evil and unacceptable ? we have to stay completely full of hate and rage at mass murder to make sure 9-11, the holocaust, jewish, armenian or cambodian, never never happens again or at least is never ever tolerated or passively accepted, willingly ignored to appease fascists who just want us, democracy to be obliterated.

get your hate on and apply it where it is deserved- not toward the people who disagree with you but toward those who commit unforgivable savagery toward others, depriving them of their humanity, rights and very lives.