May 7th, 2010

smells like.... hamsters

ok so this is the first video i have ever made- after thinking about doing so forever.

all i have to say is flash is full of fucking fail and getting things uploaded from a mac and mac software to utubes sucks. screw you adobe and screw you apple because quicktime is a jack off interfering useless home wrecker, like itunes.

this might get yanked- although the song which is from the 70s was not released in any form until 2000 and i think even that might be out of print now. the woman sounds exactly like toni tennille- it's the way the captain and tennille aren't the originators of 'muskrat love', the song parodied- that was america .

this was an extremely popular dr. demento selection which was about the only place you ever heard it. dr. demento was one of those radio shows i used to listen to late late at night in bed all through high school.

i was informed by certain central and south american chums that a rather large version of the hamster/ guinea pig style rodent('cuy') is eaten- and is quite tasty. they also have a ' big assed ant'( really that's a translation- hormiga culona) that's quite the snack in colombia.

sometimes all this inclusive cross cultural' love' ain't such a good idea.

so watch my video- it has a taste: